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The more we take the less we become. The fortune of one man leaves less for some.

 As a former De Anza student I do my best to work with my students to help them to understand the materials covered in my classes and to show them their own capabilities. My educational background is in environmental science and ecology, evolution, and marine biology. As a student, I participated in study abroad programs focused around tropical ecology, studying Restoration Ecology, with an emphasis on pollution prevention. I have worked in the private, public and academic sectors, which allows me to bring a unique perspective to my classroom. The primary focus of my career prior to becoming an instructor has been on integrated waste management. As an instructor I continue to educate myself in all aspects of my interests, including waste management and recycling, tropical ecology, social and environmental justice, biology, and environmental studies and sciences.

Classes I Teach

Summer 2018

11952ES 165ZIntroduction to Environmental Studies
12540ES 261ZHumans, the Environment, and Sustainability

Spring 2018

00513ES 21Humans, the Environment, and Sustainability
45860ES 77X67RSpecial Projects in Environmental Studies
45861ES 77Z66RSpecial Projects in Environmental Studies
45347ESCI 201Introduction to Biodiversity
45862ESCI 77Y66RSpecial Projects in Environmental Science
45866ESCI 77Y67RSpecial Projects in Environmental Science

Faculty Info

Alica De Toro

Alicia De Toro

Environmental Studies



KC 213


M.E.S.M., University of California Santa Barbara, 2004

Office Hours

Spring 2018

By appointment


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