Music 1C Extra Credit

Looking for someting to nudge your grade up a bit?
Up to two extra credit projects will be accepted.
Extra credit can only be applied to grades already at or above a "C."
  1. Ten points: Extra credit can be earned by attending live music performances beyond the required concert report (also from the upcoming events page, though there may be some other options)
  • Sign in at the concert if there is a list provded. If not, get signature of instructor showing that you attended
  • Stay for the entire program: arriving late or leaving early will make you ineligable for the points.
  • Write a one-page summary of the performance and attach program and ticket stub.
  • You are especially encouraged to attend Music Department concerts during the quarter (most occur during week 11) Stay tuned for a list of upcoming Department Events.

Eight Points: Watch an approved video on a World Music topic, and write a one page summary. Ron has many that you can watch in his office!

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