Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is the foundation of education, and a mirror of your own values and ethics.

  • You must do your own work:
  • All Assignments must be in your own words, even when using textbook-based information.
  • When working with study groups on assignments, do not use the words of your classmates.
  • Assignments must show independent thinking and work. This includes listening assignments and weekly discussion questions
  • Concert Reports must cite all resources correctly, and not use text from the program unless quoting directly, and then, only briefly, and with citation
    Cheating on any quiz, test or assignment will constitute a “0” on that assignment, and a report to College Administration.
  • Any breach of these guidelines is considered cheating or plagiarism, serious academic offenses
  • If you cheat and I catch you, you will suffer.

• See De Anza College policies on academic integrity in the college catalog.

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