Meeting Notes - November 1, 2016 Draft

Christina Espinosa-Pieb – Chair

James Nguyen – Chair


Administrative Reps Bryant, Espinosa-Pieb, Kandula, Lee-Wheat, Ranck

Classified Reps: Martinez, Lorna Maynard

Faculty Reps: Alves de Lima, Leonard, Khanna, Markus, Rick Maynard, Nguyen

Absent: Trosper, Ray

Visitors Gerard, Newell, Pape, Woodbury

Lottery Enhancement Requests Review –

Espinosa-Pieb reminded everyone that the Lottery Enhancement monies must be spend directly to benefit and support students in the classrooms.

The definition of instructional materials is in EC Section 60010 (h). This law states “‘Instructional materials’ means all materials that are designed for use by pupils and their teachers as a learning resource and help pupils to acquire facts, skills, or opinions or to develop cognitive processes. Instructional materials may be printed or non-printed, and may include textbooks, technology-based materials, other educational materials, and tests."

The requests of Enhanced Lottery Dollars Request 2016 - 2017, Current Allocation and Balances were approved with the following adjustments:

Please click here to view the details of the requests:

Scroll to: Lottery Enhancement Dollar Request 2016 - 2017 - Added, October 21, 2016


Total Request






Bookshelves – don’t qualify











$2,500 (annual maintenance payment)

2-year license. Already paid for the first year - second year payment will be in 17-18 FY

(Mary & Randy will confirm)




Clickers cancelled




Annual contract for 1 year only



$14,400 (1 software)

$60,000 move to instructional equipment

Office of Instruction



*$80,000 to cover classrooms lamps and $20,000 for contingency





*The IPB Team approved the bill of $76,474.48 to cover campus wide classroom projector lamp replacement.

Espinosa-Pieb reminded the team that departments would not get more money until their approved allocation has been spent.

For better understanding and to distinguish between Instructional Equipment vs. Lottery eligibility the following documents will be posted on the IPBT website:

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