2023 Partners in Learning Conference

We Are Not Robots: Humanizing Education for Our Students and for Ourselves

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What does it mean to address the whole student as an institution and as individuals? How do we connect with each other’s humanity?  How do we help students see our humanity too?  How do we transcend transactional exchanges and build community with our students and with each other? How do we work together to provide services for students? How do we make learning relevant and engaging? How do we see technology as a resource instead of a threat?

Please join us for a half day of deep listening, thoughtful conversation, and applied learning as we share our thoughts and strategies with each other.  This annual event is geared to all employees – classified professionals, faculty members and administrators. It's hosted by the Title III SIP GrantGuided Pathways, the Equity and Engagement Division and the Office of Professional Development. Please pre-register right away! 

 The Partners In Learning Conference is the flagship event for this year's Partners In Learning Institute, which is hosting a series of sustained conversations and reflections with students and the service providers that work with them – all designed to empower participants to meet their teaching and service goals. The institute is thematically focused on our most marginalized student populations and seeks to build applied practices of service that support and empower all students.  

Partners In Learning Institute

The Partners In Learning Institute for 2022-2023 includes a series of workshops on strategies for providing responsive support to marginalized student populations. Each initial session includes student stories and voices, followed by deep reflection and discussion the following week.

More than 90 faculty members and classified professionals have attended so far. Employees can still register for remaining sessions.

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  • "System-Impacted Students: How to Create Welcoming Spaces for Students who Mistrust the System" – Jan. 17 and 24

  • "Cultivating Gender Expansiveness and Understanding of LGBTQ+ Students’ Lived Experiences" – Jan. 31 and Feb. 7

  • "Celebrating the Strength, Wisdom, and Experience of Our Student Veterans" – Feb. 14 and 21

  • "Embracing the Full Humanity and Recognizing the Diverse Complexities of Our Asian American Students" – Feb. 28 and March 7

  • "Celebrating Cultural Community Wealth: Cultivating Holistic Practice and Latinx Student Empowerment" – March 14 and 21

  • "How are we working towards holistic support and financial equity for our students?  An engaged discourse with De Anza programs and the students they serve" – April 18 and 25

  • "Seeing and Supporting our Black Students in the Face of Anti-Blackness" – May 16 and 23

  • "Diversity Is Strength:  Embracing the Experiences of DSS Students" – May 30 and June 6

Please contact Sal Breiter at breitersal@deanza.edu or Lydia Hearn at hearnlydia@deanza.edu for any questions.

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