We Are Not Robots: Humanizing Education for Our Students and Ourselves

Partners In Learning: 2023 Conference Program


8:30-8:45        Welcome           

8:45-9:30        Student panel: “Our Dreams and Visions”

  • Ivette Contreras, student panelist
  • Kestia Durant, student panelist
  • Raymond Goins, student panelist
  • Makia Howard, student panelist
  • Tim Oldham, student panelist
  • Rebecca Rosales, student panelist
  • Emma Vinsel, student panelist
  • Shaila Ramos, HEFAS Program Assistant

9:30-11:00      Breakout session I: “Our Students and the Campus Resources that Support Them”

  • "System-Impacted Students: How to Create Welcoming Spaces for Students who Mistrust the System" 
    • Raymond Goins, student presenter
    • Makia Howard, student presenter
    • Claudia Guzman, Office of Professional Development Program Coordinator
    • Jesus Ruelas, Outreach Counselor
  • “Celebrating Cultural Community Wealth: Cultivating Holistic Practice and Latinx Student Empowerment”
    • Gemma Corona, student presenter
    • Kathia Hernandez-de Orta, student presenter
    • Jennifer Ulloa De La Torre, student presenter
    • Maritza Arreola, Student Activities Specialist
    • Liliana Rivera, Puente Counselor and Coordinator
  • “How are we working towards holistic support and financial equity for our students?  An engaged discourse with De Anza programs and the students they serve”
    • Umme Ahmad, student presenter
    • Ivette Contreras, student presenter
    • Tim Oldham, student presenter
    • Rebecca Rosales, student presenter
    • Jovanah Arrington, Athletics Academic Adviser
    • Sushini Chand, Retention Program Coordinator
    • Shaila Ramos, HEFAS Program Assistant
  • “Cultivating Gender Expansiveness and Understanding of LGBTQ+ Students’ Lived Experiences”
    • Samere Bhatt, student presenter
    • Kestia Durant, student presenter
    • Emma Vinsel, student presenter
    • Alicia Mullens, Meteorology Faculty

11:00-11:15    Break 

11:15-12:45    Breakout session II:  “ Humanizing Our Students and Ourselves Inside and Outside of the Classroom”

  • “Integrating Holistic Approaches for Student Support Services"
    • Maritza Arreola, Student Activities Specialist
    • Nina Van, Financial Aid Outreach Coordinator
  • “Building Strategies to Meet the Emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom”
    • Chesa Caparas, English Faculty
  • “Humanizing Online Learning"
    • James Capurso, Online Education Faculty Coordinator
  • “ A Conversation on Humanizing STEM Education”
    • Melissa Aguilar, Student Success Center Co-Director
    • Doli Bambhania, Math Faculty
    • Mo Geraghty, Math Faculty
    • John Jimenez, Math Faculty
    • Melissa Maturino, MPS counselor
    • Gregory Stachnick, Math Faculty
  • “Fostering Human Relationships as a Foundation for Successful Classroom Practice”
    • Emily Garbe, Business Faculty
    • Manisha Karia, Business Faculty
    • Susan Thomas, Psychology Faculty

12:45-1:00       Closing

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