Courses Offered By This Department

Course Number Course Title Units
ARTS 1A Introduction to the Visual Arts 4
ARTS 1B Architecture Past and Present 4
ARTS 2A History of Art: Europe from Prehistory Through Early Christianity 4
ARTS 2B History of Art: Europe During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance 4
ARTS 2C History of Art: Europe from the Baroque Period through Impressionism 4
ARTS 2D History of Art: Europe and the United States from Post-Impressionism to the Present 4
ARTS 2F History of Art (Multicultural Arts in the United States) 4
ARTS 2G History of Art: Arts of Asia 4
ARTS 2H History of Art: Native Arts of Mesoamerica and the Andes 4
ARTS 2J History of Art: Arts of Africa, Oceania and Native North America 4
ARTS 2K History of Art: Visual Arts of Islam 4
ARTS 2L History of Art: Visual Arts of Africa 4
ARTS 3TC Women and Art 4
ARTS 3TE Today's Art Scene 4
ARTS 4A Beginning Drawing 4
ARTS 4B Intermediate Drawing 4
ARTS 4C Life Drawing 4
ARTS 4D Representational Drawing 4
ARTS 8 Two-Dimensional Design 4
ARTS 10A Three-Dimensional Design 4
ARTS 10B Intermediate Three-Dimensional Design 4
ARTS 12 Design and Color 4
ARTS 14A Watercolor Painting I 4
ARTS 14B Watercolor Painting II 4
ARTS 14C Watercolor Painting III 4
ARTS 15A Acrylic Painting I 4
ARTS 15B Acrylic Painting II 4
ARTS 15C Acrylic Painting III 4
ARTS 16A Oil Painting I 4
ARTS 16B Oil Painting II 4
ARTS 16C Oil Painting III 4
ARTS 18A Ceramics 4
ARTS 18B Ceramics (Beginning Wheel Throwing) 4
ARTS 18C Ceramics (Intermediate Wheel Throwing) 4
ARTS 18D Ceramics Hand Building 4
ARTS 18E Ceramics (Advanced Wheel Throwing) 4
ARTS 19H Ceramics Raku 4
ARTS 19J Ceramics Techniques 4
ARTS 19K Ceramics Decoration 4
ARTS 19M Ceramics Low Fire 4
ARTS 20 Ceramics Individual Laboratory 2
ARTS 37A Sculpture 4
ARTS 37B Intermediate Sculpture 4
ARTS 37C Advanced Sculpture 4
ARTS 53 Introduction to Graphic Design: Vector Illustration 4
ARTS 54 Introduction to Graphic Design: Digital Imaging 4
ARTS 55A Graphic Design-Communication I 4
ARTS 55B Graphic Design-Communication II 4
ARTS 55C Graphic Design-Communication III: Production Techniques 4
ARTS 56 Graphic Design: Page Layout for Digital Publishing 4
ARTS 57 Graphic Design-Communication: Typography 4
ARTS 58A Furniture Design 4
ARTS 58B Intermediate Furniture Design 4
ARTS 58C Advanced Furniture Design 4
ARTS 63 Graphic Design: Portfolio and Business Practices 4
ARTS 65 Graphic Design: UI/UX and the World Wide Web 4
ARTS 70 Viewing Bay Area Art Museums and Galleries 1
ARTS 71 Gallery and Exhibition Design 4
ARTS 72 Internship in Art 1
ARTS 85 Graphic Design: Motion Graphics 4
ARTS 86 Graphic Design: Digital Illustration Techniques 4

These listings are drawn from the current college catalog. Some courses may not be offered every quarter. Contact the academic department to find out when a course will be offered.

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