Courses Offered By This Department

These listings are drawn from the current college catalog. Some courses may not be offered every quarter or may not be available in the foreseeable future. Contact the academic department to find out when a course will be offered.

Course Number Course Title Units
ARTS 1A Introduction to the Visual Arts 4
ARTS 1B Architecture Past and Present 4
ARTS 2A History of Art: Europe from Prehistory through Early Christianity 4
ARTS 2B History of Art: Europe During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance 4
ARTS 2C History of Art: Europe from the Baroque Period Through Impressionism 4
ARTS 2D History of Art: Europe and the United States from Post-Impressionism to the Present 4
ARTS 2F History of Art (Multicultural Arts in the United States) 4
ARTS 2G History of Art: Arts of Asia 4
ARTS 2H History of Art: Native Arts of Mesoamerica and the Andes 4
ARTS 2J History of Art: Arts of Africa, Oceania and Native North America 4
ARTS 3TC Women and Art 4
ARTS 3TE Today's Art Scene 4
ARTS 4A Beginning Drawing 4
ARTS 4B Intermediate Drawing 4
ARTS 4C Life Drawing 4
ARTS 4D Representational Drawing 4
ARTS 8 Two-Dimensional Design 4
ARTS 10A Three-Dimensional Design 4
ARTS 10B Intermediate Three-Dimensional Design 4
ARTS 12 Design and Color 4
ARTS 14A Watercolor Painting I 4
ARTS 14B Watercolor Painting II 4
ARTS 14C Watercolor Painting III 4
ARTS 15A Acrylic Painting I 4
ARTS 15B Acrylic Painting II 4
ARTS 15C Acrylic Painting III 4
ARTS 16A Oil Painting I 4
ARTS 16B Oil Painting II 4
ARTS 16C Oil Painting III 4
ARTS 18A Ceramics 4
ARTS 18B Ceramics (Beginning Wheel Throwing) 4
ARTS 18C Ceramics (Intermediate Wheel Throwing) 4
ARTS 18D Ceramics Hand Building 4
ARTS 18E Ceramics (Advanced Wheel Throwing) 4
ARTS 19H Ceramics Raku 4
ARTS 19J Ceramics Techniques 4
ARTS 19K Ceramics Decoration 4
ARTS 19M Ceramics Low Fire 4
ARTS 20 Ceramics Individual Laboratory 2
ARTS 37A Sculpture 4
ARTS 37B Intermediate Sculpture 4
ARTS 37C Advanced Sculpture 4
ARTS 53 Introduction to Graphic Design: Vector Illustration 4
ARTS 54 Introduction to Graphic Design: Digital Imaging 4
ARTS 55A Graphic Design-Communication I 4
ARTS 55B Graphic Design-Communication II 4
ARTS 55C Graphic Design-Communication III: Production Techniques 4
ARTS 56 Graphic Design: Page Layout for Digital Publishing 4
ARTS 57 Graphic Design-Communication: Typography 4
ARTS 58A Furniture Design 4
ARTS 58B Intermediate Furniture Design 4
ARTS 58C Advanced Furniture Design 4
ARTS 63 Graphic Design: Portfolio and Business Practices 4
ARTS 65 Graphic Design: UI/UX and the World Wide Web 4
ARTS 70 Viewing Bay Area Art Museums and Galleries 1
ARTS 71 Gallery and Exhibition Design 4
ARTS 72 Internship in Art 1
ARTS 85 Graphic Design: Motion Graphics 4
ARTS 86 Graphic Design: Digital Illustration Techniques 4
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