Classes I Teach

Fall 2022

25785APRN 60A95Electrical Schematic Diagnosis
21766APRN 60B96Automotive Electronics
25343APRN 60F95No-Start Diagnosis
25345APRN 60G96Advanced Scan Tool Diagnosis
00213AUTO 50A01Introduction to Automotive Principles
00222AUTO 60A95Electrical Schematic Diagnosis
00223AUTO 60B96Automotive Electronics
25331AUTO 60F95No-Start Diagnosis
25336AUTO 60G96Advanced Scan Tool Diagnosis
25776AUTO 350A01Introduction to Automotive Principles
25770AUTO 360A95Electrical Schematic Diagnosis
25771AUTO 360B96Automotive Electronics
25768AUTO 360F95No-Start Diagnosis
25769AUTO 360G96Advanced Scan Tool Diagnosis

Summer 2022

13433APRN 6695Automotive Air Conditioning
00077AUTO 6695Automotive Air Conditioning
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