Summer Classes

Registration starts May 16, 2021 - Classes include SMOG, Air Conditioning, Body Electrical, and Introductory Lec & Lab.  All available for free as noncredit classes

Spring 2021: Still Time to Add 

All classes listed below will be online only for spring quarter and are also available tuition-free as noncredit.  Yes, FREE!  (Example: Auto 62B = Auto 362B)

  • Intro to Auto Principles - Lecture, Auto 50A - Everything underhood!
  • Applied Auto Principles - Lab, Auto 50B - Shop operations
  • Intro to Auto Principles (Chassis) - Lecture, Auto 51A - Everything undercar!
  • Applied Auto Principles (Chassis) - Lab, Auto 51B  Shop operations
  • Automotive MechanismsAuto 53A - Investigate how mechanical things work. Pulleys, levers, gears, fluid dynamics
  • Automotive Electricity, Auto 60Electrical foundation. Ohm's Law, magnetism, lighting circuits, electrical circuit diagnosis 
  • Ignition Analysis & Oscilloscope Diagnosis, Auto 60D - An inside look at testing components. What makes a spark plug fire at the right time?  Lots of cool waveforms to help diagnose faults
  • Automotive Fuel Injection, Auto 60EWhat fuel has to go through to get into an engine
  • Advanced Wheel Alignment & ADAS, Auto 62B - A detailed look at suspension set-up and driver assistance systems 
  • Manual Drive Train, Auto 63ASpeed shifting with Rick!
  • Plug-In Electric Vehicle Technology, Auto 67B - The EV driving experience.  What makes EV so efficient and clean?

 NEW ! Check out our full line of FREE noncredit courses

All Introductory and Evening Classes Are Now Available as Noncredit Classes (Tuition-Free)

Benefits include:

  • Pathways for students who have never attended college
  • Great way to "try out" an online class without the cost of tuition
  • Great way to get started with a new hobby
  • Earn noncredit certificates

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Introductory Classes

We have classes to help you explore the world of auto tech and prepare for entry  into the full-time program. No prior instruction or work experience is required.

Daytime Program

We offer certificates and degrees in three major subject areas for full-time students. 

Evening Program

We offer certificates and degrees in four major subject areas for evening students, including apprentices and technicians.

Hybrids and Plug-In Vehicles

We offer evening classes and the chance to work hands-on with a variety of hybrid and plug-in vehicles from Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Nissan and Toyota.

Smog Inspector or Technician


We have courses to help you qualify as a smog inspector or technician.

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Spring 2021

Still Time to Register for Spring

Auto Tech Department

Location: Building E1 

Dave Capitolo,

Department Chair

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