Economics Department

Famous Econ Majors

Scott Adams Cartoonist, creator of Dilbert (Hartwick College)

Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander First black woman to be awarded a Ph.D. in the United States (and it was in economics from the University of Pennsylvania).

Kofi Annan Secretary General of the United Nations (Macalester College)

Steve Ballmer CEO, Microsoft (Harvard)

Barbara Boxer US Senator (Brooklyn College)

Warren Buffett Financier (Columbia School of Business, Master's in Economics)

Abdullah Gül Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey (Istanbul University, Ph.D.)

Jesse Jackson. Minister and social activist. BA in Economics and Sociology, N. Carolina A&T

Scott McNealy CEO, Sun Microsystems (Harvard)

Sandra Day O’Connor US Supreme Court Justice

Ronald Reagan Former US President (Eureka College)

Lionel Richie Singer/Songwriter (Tuskegee University)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Body Builder/Actor/Governor (University of Wisconsin)

Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India (Oxford University, Ph.D.)

Meg Whitman CEO, Ebay Technologies (Princeton)

Ernesto Zedillo Former President of Mexico (Yale University, Ph.D.)







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