We Can Help!

EOPS counselors offer comprehensive services to support students who are currently active in the EOPS program.

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Our counselors can assist you with

  • Choosing classes to reach your academic goal, such as earning a degree or certificate or transferring to a university
  • Creating an educational plan 
  • Finding resources on campus, such as tutoring or other academic assistance
  • Exploring career options
  • And more!

EOPS academic advisers also support our students. They can help you understand the requirements for graduation or transfer, choose classes, develop comprehensive educational plans and more!

Come See Us!

If you'd like to talk with an EOPS counselor or academic adviser, please schedule an appointment by visiting the EOPS office on the Lower Level of the Campus Center, or by calling 408.864.8950.

  • Truly Hunter, Counselor and Assistant Director
  • Melinda Hughes, Counselor
  • Melissa Maturino, Counselor
  • Chuong Le, Academic Adviser
  • Maria Perezalonso, Academic Adviser
Students who aren't eligible to see an EOPS counselor can visit the general Counseling and Advising Center or a counselor within their division or program.

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