Facility Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of common questions and answers that we receive regarding the booking and best methods for booking spaces on the De Anza College campus such as lecture rooms, PE facilities, outdoor locations, and similar spaces.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator for any further explanation or questions.  Feel free to call direct at (408) 864-8333 or email dafacilityrentals@fhda.edu.

How far in advance can we book a facility location?

Typically the farthest we can book out a facility would be a quarter in advance as long as the class schedule is published for that time period.  We cannot book farther in advance normally as we cannot guarantee any availability due to use by classes, De Anza sports teams, or other campus related events.

What is the policy regarding weather related cancellations for outdoor areas?

In the event that harsh weather conditions such as rain or bad air quality, we would be happy to reschedule the event to an open time or if needed we will provide a full refund of the facility rental fees.

Is WIFI included in the rental?

Unfortunately WIFI is not included as a Campus Wide ID (CWID) for enrolled students/staff is required.  We are hoping to offer this in the future.  Internet is available at all computer stations.

Are food and drinks allowed in the rental areas?

Food and drinks other than water are not allowed in any of our lecture rooms or PE areas unless otherwise indicated.  You are welcome to have food or catering outside of lecture rooms or PE areas .  The Campus Center is the only indoor location on campus that allows for food and drinks inside the event.  

Are all locations at De Anza College available for rent?

Although much of the campus is available for rental, there are a handful of locations which are for internal use only.  Some of these locations include: computer labs, science areas, art/music rooms, and areas that may contain sensitive equipment/materials.

Is a deposit required for booking?

Most small events will not require a deposit.  Only large events are subject to a potential deposit of 25% of the rental costs.

What are the minimum and maximum allowed booking times?

Our current minimum rental time is for a 3 hour rental.  You may book as much time as you like as long as it is during the normal De Anza operational hours of 7am-11pm.

Can I book during the week during regular class times?

Yes, as long as the location you are interested in booking is available you are welcome to book during regular weekly class times. 

* Monday through Thursday tend to have much less availability than Friday through Sunday.

How do I book the Campus Center?

The Campus Center is currently not available for rental except for the dining area.  We are currently transitioning this area and are hoping to offer space in the future.

Do we have to pay custodial fees if we agree to clean up after ourselves?

Unfortunately custodial fees are a non-negotiable fee and are required for any event.  This not only covers cleaning of the room, but also cleaning and restocking of bathrooms that were used during the event.

Will bathrooms be available over the weekend?

Yes, we typically ensure that at least one bathroom closest bathroom to the event location will be unlocked prior to the event.  More can be requested if necessary.

Are parking permits required over the weekend?

Yes, parking permits are required at De Anza 7 days a week during operational hours and cannot be waived through an event rental.

I would like to book a space in the next few days, would this be possible?

Unfortunately we require a 30 day notice for any facility rental.  This is so we have enough time to schedule the event within our software, ensure the campus Police Department is notified, and that custodial staff can service the facilities.
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