Rental Procedures and Polices for the VPAC Theater

Rental policies for the VPAC are broken into two separate sections with different requirements and price ranges; Community Groups/Organizations and De Anza College Groups/Organizations.

Community Groups and Organizations

General Facility Policies

VPAC is available first as a classroom and instructional activities space. The facility is available to community groups under the following conditions:
  • Weekdays and weekends when the facility is not in use for classes, instructional activities or other College events or activities.
  • Facility has not been rented to another group.
Organizations and community groups will not be allowed to use the facility if:
  • The requesting group has an outstanding bill for the use of a District facility;
  • The requesting group has damaged or misused District property or equipment;
  • The requesting group wishes to use the facility to slander or discriminate against another group (ethnic, religious, gender, etc.);
  • The requesting group wishes to use the facility for any illegal purpose;    
  • The organization or group cannot provide insurance to cover the event.

Rental Procedure

Step 1 — Review the VPAC Rental Policies
  • Contact the Facilities Rental Coordinator at or 408.864.8333 to confirm a date and time for the event.  Discuss the type of event and requirements for the event.  Arrange a walkthrough if you would like to tour the facility.
Step 2 — Confirm Date Availability and Discuss Event
  • Contact the Facilities Rental Coordinator at or 408.864.8333 to confirm a date and time for the event.  Discuss the type of event and requirements for the event.  Arrange a walkthrough if you would like to tour the facility.
Step 3 — Complete Rental Application
  • The requesting group will return a completed rental application agreement that is available at 
Step 4 — Submit the Following Documentation
  • $50 Application Fee
  • $500 Event Deposit (required to secure date)
  • Certificate of Liability (insurance coverage required)
  • 501(c)3 Non-Profit Eligibility Form (if applicable)
Step 5 — Await Final Invoice
  • A final invoice will be generated and must be paid no later than TWO WEEKS PRIOR to event.  The event is subject to cancellation if no payment is received by deadline.


The VPAC theater is rented by the hour with a minimum of 4 hours per event Monday-Thursday and a minimum of 6 hours per event Friday-Sunday.  All rentals include all base line technicians required for an event, in most cases a stage technician, audio technician, and lighting technician.  A 4th technician is required for all variety shows unless otherwise stated.  Items such as dance marley, the orchestra shell, the Steinway Grand Piano, additional wireless microphones, or specialized equipment come at additional cost.  The current rates and fees are as follows:

  • $430/hr for Facility Rental and Tech ($340/hr non-profit)
  • $296 Maintenance Fee per Event Day
  • $50 Application Fee
  • $60/hr Additional Technician (if required)
  • $100 per wireless microphone kit if more than 4 are needed
  • Additional setup and breakdown time for orchestra shell or dance marley

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation of contract less than one month prior to event will result in loss of deposit. 
  • Cancellations less than two weeks will result in a charge of the full scheduled labor costs for event.
  • Dates for event may be moved with notice of at least one month or will result in loss of deposit.

Facility Use Policies

  • The Auditorium Manager and all technicians will be supplied by the College and paid for by the renter.
  • At no time may VPAC be filled over capacity. The capacity of the VPAC auditorium is 400 people.
  • All VPAC renters are responsible for the actions, behavior, and any damages caused by their guests/attendees during the use of the facility.  (VPAC personnel reserve the right to have removed from the premises any person behaving in an unlawful, dangerous, or objectionable in manner.)
  • No fire or burning of materials is allowed in the theater or on campus. This includes candles, incense, lamps, and pyrotechnics etc.
  • No use of haze,smoke machines, or streamer cannons is allowed in the theater.
  • Neither equipment nor people may obstruct doors, hallways, and aisles at any time during use of facility.
  • No animals other than service animals are allowed in the building or on campus.
  • For safety and security, ONLY staff and performers are allowed backstage unless otherwise noted.
  • Contractee must provide volunteers/personnel for the following: preventing unauthorized entrance on stage or backstage, assist audience members with finding seating, ensure no food or drinks (except water) enter lobby or theater,  and all audience members are seated and clear of aisle ways during performance.
  • All VPAC Staff receive a 30 minute meal break for bookings over 5 hours.
  • The renter may not attach anything to the walls of the theater, exterior or interior, or on any walls on campus unless approved of.  All signs posted must be on stands.
  • De Anza is a smoke free campus. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

Non-Profit Discounts

Non-Profit Organizations

Organizations (excluding churches and religious groups), clubs, associations and other public agencies organized for general character building or welfare purposes. These groups must provide documentation of legal non-profit status (501(c)3 form) filed with the Internal Revenue Service, otherwise the private rate applies.

Non-profit organizations having fundraising entertainment or meetings where admission fees are charged or contributions solicited must be for the benefit of the students of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District.  Otherwise the private fee schedule applies to their rental contract.

Equipment Use

  • All theater equipment must be operated by designated De Anza College technical crew members.
  • VPAC is not responsible for providing scenery, props, or furniture. 
  • The renter or the renter’s personnel are not allowed in the projection booth, except with permission from the Auditorium Manager.


  • A $296.00 mandatory maintenance fee will be charged per event day for each event.
  • The renter will be charged an additional maintenance fees if excess waste is left behind.
  • The renter must place all trash in receptacles or trash bags.
  • All equipment used must be replaced and the premises left in a neat and ordered fashion.

Food & Beverage

    • Food and beverages are allowed only in the VPAC patio, dressing room, and green room. Food and beverages are not allowed in the auditorium or lobby. Performers and crew may bring food to the green room provided that at the end of the event it is properly disposed.
    • Guests may not be served meals anywhere on the theater premise, all meals must be served in the De Anza Campus Center.
    • A licensed food provider who possesses a current Santa Clara County business and  catering license must provide all food and beverage, by law.  De Anza College Dining Services offers catering and can be contacted at
    • Any open flame is not permitted on campus. No food may be prepared on campus.
    • Alcohol or alcoholic beverages are not permitted on campus without a permit from the ABC.

Box Office

  • The Box Office may be used for the sale of tickets.
  • Renters are to provide their own ushers/ticket sellers and takers.


  • Parking facilities may be rented through the Campus Police Events Parking Coordinator. 
  • The loading dock behind the theater is for loading/unloading only.
  • Parking regulations are enforced seven days a week, 7am-11pm.
  • Parking is permitted in marked spaces in “Student” lots only.
  • $3 Daily Permits are required seven days per week.

De Anza Groups and Organizations

Use of VPAC Theater

The Visual & Performing Arts Center (VPAC) auditorium is available for use by De Anza College organizations and clubs when it is not being used for classes, instruction-related activities, or has not been previously booked or rented.

De Anza groups will be required to pay the cost of labor only for use of the VPAC if it is available.

Guidelines for Internal Events

De Anza College groups and organizations (e.g. DASB, clubs, shared governance groups, etc.) will be allowed use of the VPAC only under the following conditions:

  • Funding for the event is guaranteed by the Dean of their department.
  • The event is academic, educational, or culturally oriented that is to the benefit of the campus students or College.
  • A full-time faculty or staff person is present and responsible for the activities of the group/organization.
  • If there is a charge for the event, proceeds must go to the group/organization or De Anza College.    

Procedures for Use

In order to secure the usage of VPAC space for De Anza College groups and organizations, please contact the Facilities Rental Coordinator ext. 8333 or

Please remember regularly scheduled classes, instructional activities, and booked rental events have priority for VPAC use.


De Anza College groups, clubs, and organizations will be waived the standard fees associated with VPAC rental and be responsible for the cost of labor onlyPlease contact the Facilities Rental Coordinator at ext. 8333 or for more details on fees.

Foothill - De Anza Community College District Facility Use Policy

Pursuant to Foothill-De Anza Community College District Board Policy 3205, the use of college facilities by outside groups shall not interfere with, infringe on or impede college instruction, programs or activities.  Use will be for short-term and temporary needs. No possessory interest is intended by any permitted use of a college facility.  No use shall be permitted under the authorization of this policy that constitutes a monopoly for the benefit of any person or organization. Education Code 82542 authorizes the use and fees for the use of college facilities by outside groups.

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