Biology/Science Links

Here's a site for the latest science/biology news!

This is a great radio program that you can download to your MP3 player!

Marine Biology Links

So you want to be a marine biologist...a must-read for anyone who's thinking about it! 

So you want to be a marine biologist...the revenge!...another must-read!!!

Monterey Bay Aquarium - this is a mandatory link for anyone who lives in this area!!!

Seafood Watch - this site will help you make the best choices in regards to seafood sustainability! 

Marine LIfe Encyclopedia - a searchable online encyclopedia provided by Oceana!

Sea Creatures of the Caribbean - a good portal to many sites dealing guessed it...sea creatures of the Caribbean!

A Guide to Shark Teeth - really cool info about something you'd rather read about than encounter in real life! 

The Dangers of Plastic Pollution on Marine Life - some info about this important topic!

Biology-related Volunteer/Internship Links & STEM scholarships

Volunteer/Internship Links - not all of these are taking volunteers/interns, but with all the ones listed, I'm sure you'll be able to find one that works for you!

Scholarships for STEM Students

Careers in the STEM Field

De Anza Links

De Anza Biology

De Anza Academic Support and Student Success

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