Class Resources

The following resources are valuable to improve students' learning about photovoltaic technology


How do solar panels work?

Solar Radiation Data Manual for Flat-Plate and Concentrating Collectors

Grid Alternatives

Northern California Solar Energy Association

Solar Buzz Services

San Francisco Solar Map

Silicon Valley Energy Map

Salas O'brian

Go Solar California
CSI Trigger

PGE Electric Rates

PGE Electric Schedules

PGE Territories and Baseline Quantities

PGE Rate Plans

California Solar Panels and Energy

Guide to How Solar Panels Work

Complete Solar Systems Guide

Guide to Wholesale Solar Panels

Understanding Climate Change and Solar Energy

PV System Design

Sunrise & Sunset Calulator

Magnetic Declination Estimator

Sun and Moon Azimuth/Altitude Table

Sun Path Chart Generator

Roof Azimuth Measurement Tool

Bright Harvest Solar

Insolation Lookup Tool


CSI EPBB Calculator


Google Map Developers

String Sizing Tools

Generic Tools


Solar Design Tool

Vendor-Specific Tools



Advanced Energy


Solectria Renewables

PV Financial Analysis Tools

Clean Power PV Financial Calculator

OnGrid PV Financial Analysis Tool

Solar Estimate

Buying Solar Products


Wholesale Solar

Find Solar

Cooperative Community Energy

Mr Solar

Real Goods

Solar Panel Store

Solar Solutions by PSI

Solar Wholesalers


Sample Solmetric SunEye Report

What is the energy payback for PV?

Partially Shaded Operation of a Grid-Tied PV System

Solar Site Evaluation Tips and Techniques

Site Survey Checklist


Global Surface Temperature Change Draft Paper Summary Discussion PowerPoint Posters


Earth Magnetic Field Declination from 1590 to 1990

Photovoltaic Effect

PV Manufacturing

I-V Curve Video

Bypass Diodes

White House Solar Panels: What Ever Happened To Carter's Solar Thermal Water Heater?

Climate Change Recalculated by Saul Griffith

Kites as the future of renewable energy by Saul Griffith

The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard

The Story of Stuff : Cap and Trade by Annie Leonard

Switching to Solar, by Larry Bawden, Jadoo Power

Will It Cost the Earth to Save the Planet?


Image Gallery

LED Light Bulbs


United States sees surge in wind power

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