Enrollment Process

 Please read the following carefully. Faculty have nothing to do with enrollment until the first day of class. Add codes are not available until the first day of class. The following will provide you with information to understand the process.

  • If you want to enroll in one of my online sections of Nutrition 10 or Health 21, go through the application and enrollment process as outlined on the College website: http://www.deanza.edu
  • If all course sections are fully enrolled, put yourself on the course waitlist. If the waitlist is full, monitor the waitlist and add when / if space on the waitlist becomes available.
  • If you get on the waitlist, monitor your email in the morning and evening to see if the system has offered you a seat in the class. If offered a seat, you have a short period of time to accept the offer and enroll. If you do not accept the offer and enroll within the time allowed, you will be dropped from the waitlist and lose priority.
  • If you are on the waitlist when classes begin and you want to be enrolled in the class, email your instructor the first or second day of class noting the name of the class you are waitlisted for along with an add code request. On a space available basis,students on the waitlist who email a request for an add code will be sent an add code and directions how to add. Faculty have access to add codes the first day of class. Requests of any type made prior to the beginning of the quarter will not have priority.
  • Waitlisted students have priority to add, so if you are not on the waitlist on the first day of class, it is possible but unlikely in my course sections that space will become available to add. It's highly recommended that you look for other, open course sections.

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