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My particular specialization is birds, specifically raptors, although I have studied all taxa and have completed many habitat assessments. I am interested in the ecological interactions between all taxa and how the abiotic factors influence these species and their relationships. With California experiencing a serious drought I think it is a better time than ever to better understand these ecological interactions. I have worked with many species of birds in the United States and Belize.

Before receiving a teaching position at De Anza College I lived in Belize, Central America working as a Biologist with The Peregrine Fund on the Harpy Eagle Restoration Project. After witnessing the threats and little information known about raptors I founded the Belize Raptor Research Institute to give locals opportunities to study and protect their biodiversity.

Through these experiences I have gained to appreciate how critical education is. At De Anza College I teach numerous classes related to Wildlife Science and have the honor to teach such amazing students. I am the Lead Instructor for the Wildlife Science Technician Program.

Classes I Teach

Summer 2024

12935ESCI 151ZEnvironmental Science
12542ESCI 152ZEnvironmental Science

Spring 2024

47839ESCI 151ZEnvironmental Science
47788ESCI 152ZEnvironmental Science
48421ESCI 153ZEnvironmental Science

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Ryan Phillips

Ryan Phillips

Environmental Studies



KC 216


Bachelor of Science in Wildlife, Fisheries, Conservation Biology with an emphasis in Ornithology, University of California, Davis

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Spring 2018

By appointment.

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