Textbook and Supplementary Materials

In order to support your learning in this course, several useful resources are available to you:

Quizmaster/Proof Checker

Please take a moment to visit thi website for our textbook. You will notice that the website features several useful online tools, including tools to check much of the work you will submit in this course. I strongly encourage you to make use of these resources whenever possible, and will on occasion require them for assignments.

Supplementary Text Notes

I have compiled a list of supplementary notes, written by Dr. Robin Smith that can help you navigate our textbook. This will be most helpful for students who find that they require more elaborate written explanations of course concepts.


Please also feel free to take advantage of my office hours. If you find that my hours conflict with your course schedule, please email me to arrange an appointment for an alternative time. I'm very happy to help you with any course-related questions you might have, but I can only help if you ask!

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