Contemporary Dance all Levels

Contemporary Dance is also commonly known as Modern Dance.  Each college and institution will have a preference on using one name or the other to describe this dance style.  The content of a contemporary dance or modern dance class is as unique as the instructor's background.  I have had training in Graham technique, Cunningham, Limon, Alwin-Nikolais,and Alexander Technique. From these traditions, I have developed my own style, which I combine with my understanding of kinesiology to teach students how to dance.  Click on Dance Gallery (left) for samples of my work.

 If you have never enrolled in Contemporary Dance at De Anza College before, sign up for Contemporary Dance I (regardless of previous training). Once you have taken Contemporary Dance I, sign up for  Contemporary Dance II next time you take the class.  This system guarantees that you will be able to study Contemporary Dance at De Anza College for 3 quarters.  Each dance class can accommodate students from all levels of technique.  It is normal for students to progress at different rates, but all are expected to give the art form their full attention and best effort. It is never too late to sign up for your first dance class.  One can begin at any age.

Modern Dance was originally a break away from the art form of Classical Ballet, and this occurred around the early 1900's.  There was a thirst for full movement of the torso, legs and arms, with no restrictions or rules, and a desire to use movement as a form of expression that would not require the use of pantomime (or a secret code of gestures).to understand.  Since that time, the art form has traveled in many directions.  

Contemporary Dance requires technical training, just like ballet does.  Feet need to be able to point, etc., but it thrives on creating material that takes the dancer (or audience) to new places, so new movements are always being created.  It is traditionally danced in bare feet.

Whether you have never taken a dance class before, or have studied Graham technique for 10 years, you are welcome in this class and will learn something new.

Details on what to wear, etc. will be discussed on the first day of class. Come in clothes you'd like to dance in, and be ready to kick off your shoes!  We will dance on the first day of class.

I look forward to meeting you.  Bring a friend!

Instructor Shaw

PS  I do not teach this course every quarter, so be sure to sign up when it is offered!

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