Testing and Grading

Withdrawal Procedures

[Provided by the Distance Learning Center]
If you fall behind in your course work contact your instructor for assistance right away. If it becomes necessary to withdraw from the course, you have many available options:
To drop through the STAR system:

  • Call the STAR system (408-777-9394).
    1. Press 1 for De Anza College.
    2. Enter the Term number.
    3. Enter your Social Security number.
    4. Enter your 4-digit PIN number.
    5. Follow the voice directions.

To come to campus and drop in person:

To Drop by telephone or Internet:

  • Contact the Distance Learning Center at (408) 864-8969 to drop over the telephone
  • Or use the My De Anza Internet registration system at De Anza College to drop online. It can be accessed through the link on the De Anza homepage. 

Students who do not complete the first assignment or otherwise contact the instructor will be dropped from the course, and will receive an F in the course. It is up to you to withdraw to not receive an F grade.

For refund deadlines, drop deadlines, and other important dates, check the Academic Calendar. It can also be found under the Course Navigation drop down menu on the site's top navigation bar.

Academic Integrity

Students who submit the work of others as their own or cheat on exams or other assignments will receive a failing grade in the course and will be reported to college authorities. In this regard I have a very easy method of checking papers copied in part from web sources w/o attribution, and I fail students who do this. There is no reason not to document your work, and the use of outside sources for research is imperative. I am confident that you will do the right thing.

Final Grades

Final Grades are, generally, based are the following points:
Theme 1, "Mr. Green" & Kieu Bio Para
50 points Each
Theme 2, "Kieu" 100 points
Logic Quiz (forum-group grade) 40 points
Mid-Term on QUAGMIRE 40 points
Research Paper 150 points
Theme 6, Final Exam 100 points

Note: Assignments and their point value may change during the term at the instructor's discretion.

Final Grade Scale: [I seldom use plus or minus grades]

A = 90 - 100%
B = 80 - 89%
C = 75 - 79%
D = 70 - 74%
F = below 74%

To access final grades through the STAR system, after Finals Week:
  1. Call the STAR system (408-777-9394).
  2. Press 1 for De Anza College.
  3. Enter the term number.
  4. Enter your social security number.
  5. Enter your 4-digit PIN number.ยท
  6. Follow the voice directions for obtaining your final grades.
  7. They will be read to you.
To access final grades through the Internet, use "My De Anza" on the De Anza homepage.
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