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My Podcast: Journeys of Learning

Catch up on all the installments of Journeys of Learning, a podcast featuring conversations with students who have taken unconventional pathways to reach their educational goals.

I am a counselor in the Retention Program at De Anza College. The heart of my work lies in helping students create successful pathways to their educational goals. The students I work with have complicated lives – with struggles in their personal lives, challenges in the classroom, different abilities or alternately wired brains. I enjoy helping them find ways to accommodate their classroom needs, discover their learning style and to navigate the college system. I work with students individually and in group settings online and on campus.

My own academic path includes attending UC Santa Cruz and SJSU. I have worked at several California community colleges over the last 15  years and feel passionate about the mission of inclusiveness of this system. I have a master's degree in Counseling and an LPCC to practice therapy.

When I am not working with students, I’m likely enjoying my small coastal town and engaging in my other passion, being a therapist. Most recently, I created a podcast where students speak about their nontraditional educational paths.

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