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00889EWRT 1B03ZReading, Writing and Research

Ken Weisner was born in Oakland and grew up there in the ‘60’s. After attending Oberlin College and the Iowa Writers Workshop, he settled in Santa Cruz for PhD graduate work and to settle down in 1982. Ken has been teaching writing and literature at De Anza College since the mid-nineties part time, and since 2000 full time. Ken is the author of the poetry collections The Sacred Geometry of Pedestrians (2002) and Anything on Earth (2010), and most recently Cricket to Star (2019), all from Hummingbird Press.  Ken is a teacher and editor of poetry. He currently edits and advises the national and student editions of Red Wheelbarrow through De Anza. For many years Ken edited Quarry West through Porter College at UCSC. Ken continues to teach a poetry workshop at Salinas Valley State Prison.  He was recently part of a radio discussion about the SVSP prison workshop on "The Hive" radio show broadcast May 24, 2020, interviewed by Julie Murphy. Ken was also recently (2020) interviewed by "Hive Collective" member Dion O'Reilly on KSQD radio about his own poetry and teaching.

Ken Weisner’s poetry has appeared in divergent mediums including the “Poets Against the War” website (2003); The Music Lovers Poetry Anthology (Persea, 2007); and John Chandler and Wilma Marcus Chandler’s “Willing Suspension Armchair Theater” production of Lost and Found: The Literature of Fathers and Sons (May, 2009). Garrison Keillor read Ken's poem "The Gardener" on The Writer's Almanac in August of 2010. His poetry has appeared in recent editions of the Catamaran, Chicago Quarterly Review, DMQ Review,  Hilltromper,  Perfume River Poetry Review and Monterey Poetry Review.  Ken published four poems in the spring, 2017 issue of the online journal Phren-Z, and four in the fall, 2017 issue of Nine Mile—a print and online journal out of Syracuse, NY.  He also frequently publishes in Porter Gulch Review,including this year (2020).

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Fall and Winter, 2020/21

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*I return in spring of 2021 to teach:

  • EWRT 41, Poetry Writing (online)
  • EWRT 68A/AX, Literary Magazine, Student Edition (hybrid)
  • ELIT 11, Introduction to Poetry

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