Where Are They Now?

Do you ever wonder "whatever happened" to somebody you worked with at FHDA? Do you ever wonder if somebody might be wondering "whatever happened" to you?

FODARA members are invited to tell us where and when you worked at FHDA, what are your favorite memories, and where you live now and why. Send your responses to cindycastillo@comcast.net.


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Here are some responses from 2014: 

HILDEGARD (Hilde) SIELER (De Anza Food Service and Bookstore, 1978 - 1988)

The "good old days" for me were as an accounting clerk in both Food Service and the Bookstore under Klaus Dehn, Frank Cawley and Deryl Jones. I am again living in Ferndale, WA (two hours north of Seattle), but still consider CA my real home. Who knows - I may be back any time!

MARTHA KANTER (De Anza President 1993-2003, FHDA Chancellor 2003-2009)

After near five years serving President Obama as the U.S. Under Secretary of Education, in January I returned to my first love - teaching - at NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. My student retention is at an all time high, 24 students losing only one. I'm teaching "The American Community College to doctoral and master's seeking students, many of whom will be seeking employment in academic departments and in student services.
I miss our colleges and keep up with many of our colleagues on Facebook and through Foothill-De Anza's Foundation! Life is exciting here, splitting my time between NYC and DC. But nothing compares to FHDA!! I miss you all very much and hope you'll come for an east coast visit when you need a change!!
Martha J. Kanter, Ed.D.
Distinguished Visiting Professor of Higher Education and Senior Fellow,
Steinhardt Institute of Higher Education Policy
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development
New York University
82 Washington Square East
New York, NY 10003
Office: 212/998-5640

DON BARNETT  (De Anza English 1968 - 1997)

Living in San Jose near grandchildren. My memories of the district are fond ones. It is the best and wisest choice I have made in my life to take the English teaching position at De Anza. I worked with excellent colleagues from both campuses. I enjoyed volunteering my time to many committees. 

Since retirement I signed up with the Leukemia Society, trained and ran three marathons in on year. I also worked as a sub at Harker School and had several longer term assignments to teach Middle School students. It was fun working with exceedingly bright young people up until November 2007.

I also took a course, "Community Leadership San Jose" sponsored by the SJ Chamber of Commerce. I am just finishing my 6.5 years on the Board of City Lights Theater Company, serving as Secretary for the last four years. I also joined Unity Spiritual Center of SJ in 2009 and have served as President of the Board for the last two years.

Deanna and I average one foreign trip each year. Later this year we are going to Montreal/Quebec City and then six weeks later to London/SW Ireland.

I had Anterior Interbody Lumbar Fusion and a Quintuple Bypass Heart Surgery. I am recovering looking forward to driving my RED 2006 Mustang convertible and my RED 2002 T-bird.

PHIL STOKES (Foothill 1964-67, De Anza 1967-2000)

Living in Shingle Springs with my tiny but loud wife Sandy.

What I am most tickled about is this: I'm coaching and playing for the Phillies in the Sacramento Men's Senior Baseball League (real baseball, not softball) in the 40-and-over division. My team finished second in the Summer league and I am still hitting ferocious line drives. And I get credit just for being old. In one game last season, I hit one in the gap for a base hit. The opposing team's 46-year-old first base man leaned down (he's 6'7") and asked me how old I was. When I told him 77, he yelled over to his team's third base dugout, "He's 77". Made my day.
A lot of nice things happened in my 36 years in the district. My three favorites are 1) negotiating the faculty's first major contract that included a two-year 15% salary increase plus a 1% add-on soon after Prop 13 passed, 2) establishing the district's ESL program, and 3) teaching in the Neighborhood Youth Corps program, a very successful effort to help primarily Latino kids who needed a jump start. My fondest memories come from working in that program.
JAMES WILLIAMS (DA Ex Dir CA Hist Ctr 1985-93; History Dept 1985-2004; Art 19-2008)
Being director of the CHC & Foundation was one of the biggest highlights of my teaching career, teaching California history, working on exhibitions, oral histories, community history, with the research library and book publications, and involving students in all these activities. I enjoyed being chair of the history department in the early 2000s, and loved teaching US history survey and my course, "technology and the environment in American Life."
I moved on to a cruising sailboat in January 2009 (after my Article 19 service ended), which I bought in Annapolis, MD, in summer 2008. I sailed with my new wife Penelope in the Bahamas for two seasons, and finally we settled in Punta Gorda, FL, on Florida's gulf coast, where we sail and participate in yacht club activities, and where I play keyboards in a couple of bands. I'm a visiting research professor at Stetson University in DeLand, FL (near Orlando), where I handle an editorial internship for ICON: Journal of the International Committee for the History of Technology, of which I am editor-in-chief. I also write for sailing magazines and have two or three other writing projects.
DENOS P. MARVIN (1965 - 1990)
Favorite memory was that my working life as a teacher was really worthwhile. Also, I have many fond Proustian memories of my students, colleagues and the Film Festival, which Bill Skyles and I directed for five years.
I live in a remote section of NW NC to be far from the "Madding Crowd".

 LINDA MANKIN (Foothill Fine Arts 1964-1994)

Linda is featured in the Los Altos Town Crier ‘s January 18, 2014 edition. She is 85 years old and assumed the leadership of the Moldaw Singers group just two years ago. The group comprises nearly 40 singers in their 80s and 90s who live at Moldaw Residences, a retirement community in Palo Alto where Linda resides. The Moldaw Singers are gearing up for their 2014 season, with Mankin planning to incorporate techniques she learned at a recent conference to help the senior singers produce more tone. Mankin said “I would encourage anyone who used to sing or play an instrument to never give it up. It could be one of the greatest pleasures of your life.”

RICHARD (DICK) GILBERG   (De Anza 1968-1991 PT, 1991-2001 FT Computer Science)

 Favorite memories are the people I worked with. We now live in Sun City Roseville in Roseville CA. It is a great retirement community with lots of activities including 27 holes of golf and we are near two of our kids.

LEO HOEFER (De Anza Physics)

 Some of my favorite memories of De Anza involve the older persons who attended my classes on health and financial survival in retirement. Now at 86, I have outlived most of them. I am even surprised to hear of the demise of many of my younger physics students.

I live in the mild climate of Santa Rosa. I quit plane travel some years ago, and had to give up my interests in Brazil. We were Tahoe ski pros but age took care of that too.

 I stay in contact with the many grandkids but really cannot remember the names and ages of the nine great grandkids. I depend on my spouse, Elly, to do most of it. We live in a big digital home, full of updated software and gadgets that challenge our senior memories. We still work at our old teaching interests of investment, real estate, and for Elly - costume design.

 Our favorite visits are to our health pros at UCSF to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude for our excellent survival. We most appreciate our health benefits over the years.

JOANNE ARAKI  (De Anza Nursing 1989 - 2005)

 Live in Topaz Lake, Nevada since retiring. Loved the nurse pinning ceremony at the end of each year. Still working part time as a family nurse practitioner in rural northern Nevada. Providing free medical clinic once a month and doing medical mission work abroad for 2 weeks every year -- Mexico, Myanmar, and India. Love being a Tutu (grandmother) dancing the hula every week, church activities and enjoying life with my husband and family. Live in Hawaii for about 3 months a year. Life is good. Aloha!

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