Courses Offered By This Department

These listings are drawn from the current college catalog. Some courses may not be offered every quarter or may not be available in the foreseeable future. Contact the academic department to find out when a course will be offered.

Course Number Course Title Units
F/TV 1 Introduction to Cinematic Arts 4
F/TV 1H Introduction to Cinematic Arts - HONORS 4
F/TV 2A History of Cinema (1895-1950) 4
F/TV 2AH History of Cinema (1895-1950) - HONORS 4
F/TV 2AW History of Cinema (1895-1950) 4.5
F/TV 2AWH History of Cinema (1895-1950) - HONORS 4.5
F/TV 2B History of Cinema (1950-Present) 4
F/TV 2BH History of Cinema (1950-Present) - HONORS 4
F/TV 2BW History of Cinema (1950-Present) 4.5
F/TV 2BWH History of Cinema (1950-Present) - HONORS 4.5
F/TV 2C Contemporary World Cinema 4
F/TV 2CH Contemporary World Cinema - HONORS 4
F/TV 2CW Contemporary World Cinema 4.5
F/TV 2CWH Contemporary World Cinema - HONORS 4.5
F/TV 3A American Cultures in Film 4
F/TV 6A Screenwriting Fundamentals for Film/Video I 4
F/TV 7 Script Analysis 4
F/TV 10 Introduction to Electronic Media 4
F/TV 10H Introduction to Electronic Media - HONORS 4
F/TV 17G Introduction to 3D Computer Animation: Modeling 4
F/TV 17H Introduction to 3D Computer Animation: Character Motion 4
F/TV 20 Beginning Video Production 4
F/TV 22 Beginning 16mm Motion Picture Production 4
F/TV 23 Beginning TV Studio Production 4
F/TV 26 Introduction to Film/Television Directing 4
F/TV 27 Nonlinear Editing 4
F/TV 29 Lighting for Film and Television 4
F/TV 30 Location Recording and Sound Design 3
F/TV 31 Audio Post-Production 3
F/TV 39 Intermediate Digital Film and Video Production 4
F/TV 41 Film Genres 4
F/TV 42 National Cinemas 4
F/TV 43 Film Artists 4
F/TV 44A 16mm/35mm Film Production I 4
F/TV 44B 16mm/35mm Film Production II 4
F/TV 45 History of Experimental Film/Video 4
F/TV 48S Film/Television Production Workshop 1
F/TV 48T Film/Television Production Workshop 2
F/TV 48U Film/Television Production Workshop 3
F/TV 48V Film/Television Production Workshop 4
F/TV 56A Introduction to Visual Effects and Color Grading 4
F/TV 57A Nonfiction Workshop I: The Documentary 4
F/TV 57B Nonfiction Workshop II: The Documentary 4
F/TV 59 Role of the Media Producer 4
F/TV 60B Screenwriting Fundamentals for Film/Video II 4
F/TV 60C Screenwriting Fundamentals for Film/Video III 4
F/TV 64A Advanced Screenwriting Workshop I 4
F/TV 64B Advanced Screenwriting Workshop II 4
F/TV 64C Advanced Screenwriting Workshop III 4
F/TV 65 Current Practices in the Film/Video Profession 4
F/TV 66A Basic Techniques of Animation: Stop Motion 3
F/TV 67A Principles of Animation: 2D Media 4
F/TV 68A Sound for Animation 3
F/TV 70A The Storyboard and Visual Development for Animation 3
F/TV 72G Animated Film Pre-Production Workshop 4
F/TV 72H Animated Film Production Workshop 4
F/TV 72J Animated Film Post-Production Workshop 4
F/TV 75G History of Animation (1900-Present) 4
F/TV 75K Japanese Animation 4
F/TV 78W Special Topics in Film Studies 1
F/TV 78X Special Topics in Film Studies 2
F/TV 92 Special Topics: Industry Professionals and Practices 1
F/TV 98G Fiction Workshop (The Writer, Producer, Director) 3
F/TV 98H Fiction Workshop (The Technical Crew) 3
F/TV 98J Fiction Workshop (Editing/Post Production) 3
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