Budget Reduction Process

The APBT uses these following to determine budget recommendations:

  • All departments are reviewed to clarify the work being performed and ascertain the impacts that would result from reductions in staff or funding.
  • The Bookstore (including Print Shop), Dining Services, Facilities Rental Office and the Child Development Center are self-funded.
  • The senior managers of those areas work with staff to analyze costs, research alternative funding sources and review potential reorganization options to propose to the APBT. 
  • The VP area has been seriously impacted by significant reductions in previous years. The focus is on minimizing position eliminations in order to continue to provide services to support the APBT and College mission statements and student learning environment.
  • Options are presented to the APBT for review and discussion using the totality of the information provided.
  • A recommendation is developed by the APBT.
  • The recommendation is presented to College Council for review.
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