Budget Advisory Committee (BAC)

The Budget Advisory Committee was recommended as part of the new governance structure which was adopted by College Council on October 21, 2022. The Budget Task Force continued to meet until May 18, 2023 when College Council approved the new Budget Advisory Committee. Agendas and notes from the previous budget task force meetings can be found at deanza.edu/gov/budget-task-force

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To review the health and stability of the College budget in relation to the College’s mission, equity plan, institutional core competencies.

Role & Charge

  • Reports to College Council.
  • Collaborates with Resource Allocation and Program Planning (RAPP)  and College Council to share fiscal information and make fiscal recommendations in support of College mission and financial stability.
  • Reviews ad-hoc requests/proposals and makes recommendations (e.g. carryforward, new funds).
  • Reviews funding sources and allocations to aid fiscal alignment between planned goals and available fiscal resources.
  • Advocates on behalf of the college on district budget allocations.
  • Maintains the budget advisory committee website.
  • Co-Chair/Tri-Chair/Vice-Chair model is determined by members.
  • Voting by Consensus.  2 members required to call for a vote. Proxies allowed.

Guiding Principles

  • Members will honor the topics and times of the meeting agenda. Agendas and materials will be distributed in advance and all members will be prepared to participate fully in the entire meeting
  • Members will present issues completely, accurately, honestly and acknowledging bias, using authentic primary sources of data and not selectively withholding information
  • Members will encourage full and open participation by all participants and will demonstrate a respect for and willingness to listen to diverse opinions and viewpoints
  • Members will govern their interpersonal behavior on the basis of mutual respect and trust for one another and will avoid personal attacks, physical and verbal intimidation, and asserting the authority of their positions
  • Members will maintain respect for team discussions and consensus decisions within and outside of team meetings
  • Members will communicate with their constituencies disseminating information clearly and concisely and gathering feedback
  • Members are requested to serve a minimum of 2-years
  • Each team member is empowered and responsible for understanding the Mission, Role & Charge and Guiding Principles of BAC and enforcing same

Approved April 13, 2023 @ BTF meeting

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