Collegewide Governance Review

De Anza's College Council voted in June 2020 to begin a collegewide review of shared goverance teams and structure, with a focus on equity and inclusion.

Fall 2021 Updates

The Governance Review Task Force has prepared an updated timeline and slide deck summarizing the work completed to date and the next steps planned for the 2021-2022 academic year.

March 2021: Governance Review Task Force

The collegewide Governance Review Task Force held its first meeting on March 25. Here are the representatives on the task force.


  • Beniam Gebrat
  • Kimberly Lam

Classified Professionals

  • Tracy Chung-Tabangcura
  • Keri Kirkpatrick
  • Scott Olsen


  • Laureen Balducci 
  • Jennifer Mahato
  • Eric Mendoza

Faculty Members

  • Mayra Cruz
  • Melinda Hughes
  • So Kam Lee
  • Jim Nguyen
  • Mary Pape
  • Mylinh Pham
  • Tim Shively

January 2021: Collegiality in Action Workshop 

De Anza invited two experts on the subject of shared governance in California to give a webinar for members of the college community – including classified professionals, faculty, administrators and interested students – during a special College Council meeting on Jan. 28, 2021.

The webinar, entitled "Collegiality in Action: Effective Participation Fundamentals," was presented by

If you missed the session or would like a review, the slides are available for download here.

Download the Slides

October 2020: Collegewide Survey Responses

All faculty members, classified professionals and administrators were invited to complete a survey during a two-week period in October 2020, answering questions about

  • What works and does not work with current governance groups and processes
  • How governance groups and processes would ideally be structured, and how these would work in practice
  • How members of governance groups should be selected.

Click the yellow button to view a document containing both a summary and the complete survey responses.

Collegewide Survey Results

Summer 2020: Governance Group Surveys

As a first step in the collegewide review, President Holmes invited all governance groups to complete a similar survey in July and August 2020, seeking their input on the existing governance structure and processes, as well as ways to  improve it.

Click each link below to view the survey responses submitted by these groups

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