Meeting Notes - October 15, 2018

Welcome and Introductions

Grey opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. All the members introduced themselves.

The Campus Center Advisory Board will be undergoing some changes. One of the challenges with our shared governance meetings is having enough members present to have a quorum.  The change to this meeting would be to make decisions by consensus. The same thing is being done with the Facilities Planning Team. The other change will be the frequency of the meeting. The calendar now shows the Campus Center Advisory Board meeting on the fourth Monday of the quarter. We will officially now have one meeting every quarter. Students have provided feedback that it is easier for them to attend meetings held once every quarter. If there are pressing issues that need to be addressed, we will schedule additional meetings, as needed. Grey asked if there were any concerns about the changes in scheduling. None were presented.

Campus Center Advisory - Membership, Purpose & Proceedings

The Campus Center Advisory Board Membership, Purpose and Proceedings information was reviewed. Gore requested an updated list of current Senators. There were no other questions or comments.

FF&E Requests/Updates

Lockwood explained the committee had discussed a long list of projects to do in the Campus Center about a year ago. At the last meeting, in February, there were not enough members in attendance in order to decide and vote on which projects should be approved.

The list below represents items discussed.

  • Tabletop replacement will be taking place soon.
  • Chairs in the Campus Center should be replaced with chairs that match.
  • Chair rail installation in the Council Chambers.

Costs associated with the Council Chambers and other projects are listed below. Grey conveyed if all were in agreement that we should move forward with the Council Chambers project at $15,200. The group agreed.

Lockwood shared the Club Room will need more planning.

The group discussed the feasibility of installing charging stations in the lower level of the Campus Center. Due to the cost of adding an additional electrical panel and the construction involved, Grey indicated this work is on hold. Lockwood will look into the possibility of solar options.

Council Chambers    
Table Repair   1,050.00
Chairs   13,750.00
Chair Rail   400.00
  Total 15,200.00
Club Room    
Tables   2,040.00
Chairs   2,700.00
Storage Cabinets   20,000.00
Labor   800.00
  Total 25,540.00
Senate Office    
Chairs   10,100.00
Power to ADA tables   2,000.00
Tables/Chairs East of Chambers 900.00
Power outlets in hall (not advised) 40,000.00
  Total 42,900.00
Total Cost 93,740.00

 Project Updates

Grey reviewed the current campus projects and status:

  • Planetarium roof replacement is ongoing and should be completed in December
  • Parking Lot D repaving and striping is completed.
    • New lighting will be installed in December.
    • The parking ticket machine will be installed at the end of November.
  • Lighting Upgrade Project is ongoing.
    • Blanket change of old lighting fixtures to new LED lighting in possibly Stelling Garage and on the Perimeter Road.
    • Campus lighting project bidding is being done in phases and will be awarded up to a certain dollar amount.
    • Campus roadway legend work (stop signs/crosswalks, etc.) was done on campus and is now complete.

 Discussion/Quick News

Lockwood has been working on lactation stations for faculty, staff and students. She has secured and set up the space for faculty and staff in one of the faculty office buildings on campus. Lockwood has been working with Yi-Baker and they have agreed upon a space for students in the Campus Center near the EOPS office. The space may be available as soon as the Winter Quarter. The tentative location is both a central location on campus and is also a good location for evening/weekend students.

Yumori-Kaku inquired about the floor in the main dining room and if there were plans to replace it. Lockwood and Grey reported the floor has been repaired. College Operations wants to do a large planned project for the floor and area so the area is in harmony with the rest of the campus. The project will need a design architect.

Yi-Baker inquired about increasing the quality of the lights in the Student Council Chambers and the ICC Rooms. Grey asked Gore to submit a work order to Facilities.

 George Robles inquired about the doors at the lower level of the Campus Center at Le CafĂ© and asked when the doors would be fixed. In addition, Robles informed the group that during the power outage the emergency lights in the Office of College Life did not come on. Roodbeen said he would look into both of these issues.

Present: Coronado, Doan, Gannon, Grey, Htet Htet Aung, Lei, Lockwood, Robles, Roodbeen, Shannakian, Yi-Baker, Yumori-Kaku, Zhang

Notes: Gore

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