Meeting Notes - June 12, 2017

A quorum shall consist of six voting members plus two non-voting members.

Voting Members:

  • Desire Humphres–DASB Member
  • Boris Fu– DASB Member
  • Dionysius Theodore- DASB Member
  • Shu Ming Liu- ICC Member
  • Mevani Gotama– ICC Member
  • Kerry Harris- Absent—ICC Member
  • Mary Sullivan – Faculty Member(Absent)
  • Vacant- Faculty Member
  • Dennis Shannakian—Classified Senate
  • George Roble-Campus Center Rep(Absent)
  • La Donna Yumori-Kaku—Campus Center Rep

Non-Voting Members:

  • Pam Grey (Chair) Associate Vice President, Educational Operations
  • Patrick Gannon, Campus Center Director
  • John Cognetta, Director, Student Life


  • Manny DaSilva, Manager, Custodial Operations (Absent)
  • Tina Lockwood, College Operation

The group reviewed samples of flooring to replace the floor in the main dining room area of the Campus Center. The estimate to replace the floors is one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Additional research will be done to find additional products, the discussion will continue at the next scheduled meeting October 9, 2017,

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