Campus Center Advisory Board

Meeting Notes - October 14, 2019

Welcome and Introductions

Ms. Grey welcomed everyone to the new academic year and everyone introduced themselves.


The purpose of the Campus Center Advisory Board was reviewed. The Campus Center is a centrally located building for student use and houses student activities, student government, Health Services, Dining Services and other programs for the benefit of students. The purpose of the Campus Center Advisory meetings is to discuss and share ideas about improvements for the Campus Center building, discussing the budget for the improvements and how to move those items forward, collectively as a group.

Voting on items brought to the group is done by consensus.

Review and Approve notes from April 29, 2019

The notes from April 29, 2019 were approved.

FFE Updates

  • The Office of College Life, The ICC Office and the Club Room have had new furniture installed, new paint, new flooring and new lockers. College Life will be receiving new wall art or possibly a rendering of the new mascot on the large yellow wall.
  • The student lactation room is completed and is open for students who need a space for nursing and pumping. Access is given to students through the Office of College Life or through Health Services. The room is reserved for students. The space has been updated with new paint, new flooring, new furniture and a telephone for emergency use. The Office of College Life is the facilitator of the room and can provide access and the procedure outlining use of the room. There is a separate lactation room for faculty and staff.

Project Updates/Quick news

  • The De Anza mascot will be changing. Students have had an opportunity to vote on the change and the results will be released soon.
  • The pool doors and gates should be completed by the end of December.
  • The Campus EV charging stations options are still under review. Status updates will be reported as new information becomes available.
  • The CDC Playground will be getting new equipment.
  • The campus wide LED lighting project is completed.
  • The ATC cooling towers are complete.
  • The Art on Campus Committee is discussing updating and refreshing the student art work in the Campus Center. The Dean of Creative Arts is the chairperson for the Art on Campus Committee.
  • The ESA Club, in an effort to reduce paper towel use on campus, submitted a proposal/project for restroom electric hand dryers last year. This committee and the Campus Facilities Committee approved the project. The project is to install one additional hand dryer in both the men and women’s upstairs restroom in the Campus Center in an effort to reduce paper towel usage. The anticipated completion is the end of Winter Quarter.

Present: Abiy, Asai, Conchico, DaSilva, Gannon, Hua, Iranmanesh, Lin, Lockwood, Nguyen, Shannakian, Wang

Notes: Gore

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