Meeting Notes - November 13, 2017

Campus Center Advisory Board

Welcome & Introductions

Grey welcomed the members to the first meeting of the academic year. The members introduced themselves. It was noted that there is only one DASB member assigned to the committee. Fu will address the DASB senate and will request two additional members to be appointed to this committee.

Campus Center Advisory Board Membership, Purpose and Proceedings

The committee reviewed the Campus Center Advisory Board code, policies and procedures. Grey asked the group if anyone had suggested changes. Mahato suggested a change in language regarding the number needed for a quorum or to a percentage of people in the group. Discussion was tabled for future discussion.

Approve Notes from June 12, 2017

Grey asked for the approval of the notes from June 12, 2017. The notes were approved.

Update on Campus Center Requests

Lockwood indicated Yumori-Kaku had many requests last year and presented a follow up list of those items, updates and associated costs.

DASB Council chambers

Tables and Chairs

Lockwood identified tables and chairs that needed to be repaired and/or replaced. Lockwood suggested replacing the chairs with the same type of chair we currently have in the main dining hall. In addition, she recommended the chairs in the Student Council Chambers be replaced with the same type of chair with no wheels and no arms for ease of stacking ability.

Table repair cost: $ 1,050.00

Chair replacement cost: $13,750.00

Chair Rail

Lockwood stated the chair rail in the Student Council Chambers is not wide enough for protection from the tables and needs to be 12”.

Chair rail replacement cost: $350.00 (plus tax, shipping and handling).


The carpets were cleaned over the summer.

Club Room tables and storage

The Club Room tables should be the same as what exists in the Student Council Chambers. There is the possibility of adding some storage in the room with a locker type cabinet.

Estimated cost for items above: $13,000 to $20,000 (depending on different variables and depending on how much space/seating is needed).

Senate office furniture

Senate office chairs are mismatched, broken or stained. Lockwood suggests purchasing 40 task chairs for the offices.

Estimated cost of task chairs: $10,000-$15,000

Filtered Bottle Dispenser

Bottle filler at lower level near the restrooms could be installed. Installation would require a new ADA drinking fountain.

Estimated cost for ADA fountain/bottle filler: $2500- $3000

Power outlets in hallway

Power outlet installation in the lower level east hallway is a challenge. The existing electrical subpanels are full and this project would require a large amount of work. Mahato indicated an additional subpanel installation would require a change in materials due to an existing expansion joint in the immediate area.

Estimated cost for power outlets in hallway: $20,000 - $40,000

Space Item Cost
Council Chambers Repair tables $ 1,050
  Replace chairs $ 13,750
  Chair rail $ 350.00 + S&H & Tax
Club Room Tables $ 2,000 - $ 2,500
  Chairs $ 2,000 - $ 3,000
  Cabinets/Lockers $ 13,000 - $ 20,000
  Outside vendor for moving serv. $ 500 - $ 800
Senate Office Task chairs $ 10,000 - $ 15,000
Filtered Bottle Dispenser Labor and parts $ 2,500 - $ 3,000
Power outlets in lower level hallway Labor and parts $ 20,000 - $40,000

Update on Construction Projects

Grey updated the committee on the progress of the current projects on campus:

  • Flint Garage opened on schedule. There are almost one thousand punch list items still to be completed.
  • Signage on campus is almost completed. Almost every sign should be current and updated. The law changed in January stating restrooms that are single stall must be open to all genders and there is a project underway to change the signs to indicate “restroom”.
  • Grey shared the campus lighting project, phase 3 is almost completed and indicated if funding is available there will likely be a phase 4 and 5 lighting project.
  • E2 classroom is being remodeled and new equipment has been purchased with a donation from Haas.
  • The PE baseball field is almost completed and the contractor will continue to maintain the field for another three months while the grass takes root.
  • The soccer field is being replaced and is scheduled to wrap up at the beginning of Winter quarter
  • The Football field is failing. Field Turf has agreed to replace the field and will begin Nov 27. The current estimated down time is one month and is scheduled to be back up before the winter quarter.
  • The Planetarium HVAC is being replaced and the District is looking into a new project of either repairing or replacing the roof.
  • The VTA project is scheduled for completion at the end of November. J. Cooke has marked the trees and the contractor is waiting on PG&E.

Open Discussion and General Questions/News

Yumori-Kaku asked for a cost break down total for tables and chairs in clubroom. Lockwood stated $2000 for tables and $2000 for chairs. DaSilva requested to have the color shade of the chairs be different for upper and lower levels of the Campus Center. It will be easier for the custodial staff to identify the location of the chairs. Fu agreed with DaSilva. Lockwood said there are several colors to choose from and she can bring samples to the next meeting.

Lockwood stated the flooring in the main dining hall will be replaced and queried the group about possible choices. Choices include a faux wood type material and Lockwood brought 2 ceramic tile samples for the group to view. Lockwood would like to do a porcelain tile that looks similar to slate. The tiles would be staggered to break up the look of the room. Lockwood also discussed the possibility of doing a designated pathway design. This project will take place over the summer break.

Grey would like to speak with the College Life Director regarding students and respect for student government areas. The offices and clubrooms can often be found in disarray with food, wrappers, soda and water bottles. DaSilva echoed Grey and stated he is short staffed in his department making it difficult to keep up with the extra clean up, when it would be simple to put trash in the garbage can.

Present: DaSilva, Fu, Gannon, Grey, Gotama, Harris, Leung, Lockwood, Mahato, Yumori-Kaku

Notes: Gore

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