Meeting Notes - January 24, 2012

1) Approval of Notes from Joint CBT & TTF November 22, 2011

The notes were approved.

2) State & District Budget Update

Jeanpierre opened by reviewing the key points of the State budget.

State 2011/12 Budget Summary

  • $400M ongoing general fund cuts
  • Fee Increase to $24/ quarter unit
  • January mid year cuts:
  • Additional $102 M
  • Fee increase to $30.67 per quarter unit beginning in the fall
  • Effective ongoing cuts of $385M

Other effects on budget:

  • More students applying for BOG waivers: $30M vs. $100M which will equate to approx. a 2.4% hit to the current year.
  • Federal funds short
  • Health & human services
  • Additional $146.9M apportionment cuts because of property tax gap

The League has a link to the impacts to each district at the following web site.

 Governor’s solutions

  • $6.9M increase in taxes:
  • Increase in sales taxes $1.2M
  • Increase in PIT $3.5M
  • Increase on high earners $2.3M

$4.2B additional cuts to:

  • Calworks (57%)
  • Cal Grants (4%)
  • Prop 98 (7%)

 Much rides on tax proposal on the Nov. 6 ballot:

  • Simple majority required
  • Raised sales tax by 0.5% from Jan. 1, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2016
  • Raised personal income tax on individuals >$250,000 from 2012 thru 2016

Trigger cuts:

  • Prop 98 - $4.8M
  • UC - $200M
  • CSU - $200M
  • Courts - $125M
  • Other - $28.1M

California Community Colleges

Scenario A:

$218M deferred buy -backs
$12.5M mandates block grant

Scenario B:

$264M base cut; workload reduction %
No scenario A augmentation

Both: Categorical consolidation $411.6M


  • Tax (Personal Income Tax) measure uncertainties; may not pass; may not yield full $6.9B
  • Workload reduction planning difficulties (5.56% WLR decided in Nov)
  • Student fee short-fall with BOG waivers
  • Property Tax shortfalls

FHDA Budget Scenario Summary 2012-13

Letha shared Bernata’s adjusted projections

Although De Anza’s enrollment was flat compared to the same time last year, Foothill’s enrollment was down approx. 7%. This means the Colleges will be chasing WSCH in Spring in the high demand areas. No dramatic enrollment fluctuations are anticipated in Fall 2012.

There are plans for the carryover funds but the use of these funds is constantly under close review.

There are some grant-funded positions being eliminated at the end of the FY 2011-12 year because the grants are expiring.

3) Measure C FF&E Status Update

All the requests have been uploaded to the web site

Currently underway:

1) Measure C FF&E review of requests for eligibility of Measure C funding sources (complete by end January).

Next Steps:

2) Remaining requests will be prioritized by the PBTs. Prioritization should be complete by 2/10/12. Please click here to download the PBTs FF&E Evaluation Matrix.

3) Institutional review and prioritization will be performed by joint meetings of Campus Budget and Technology Task Force.

4) CBT & TTF will give recommendations to College Council on 3/8/12 or 3/22/12 depending on progress.

Chow suggested a review of the timeline maybe needed in order to give sufficient time for the review prioritization of the projects.

 4) Quick News


Present: Bloom Gerard Hansen Jeanpierre Michaelis Mieso Patlan. Notes: Gibson

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