Meeting Notes - January 25, 2011

1) Approval of Notes from January 11, 2011.

 The notes were approved.

 2) FHDA Budget Update Scenarios

Slater reported on the background of how the budget for 2011-12 has evolved up until now. Back in December 2010 Gov. Brown proposed a State budget with major cuts to community colleges. Using this information, the District built a tentative budget document showing three scenarios. In the last weeks, there had been some further information analysis from the State, LAO’s office and the League, which the District used to revise their budget scenarios.

Slater passed out two handouts named Budget Advocacy Action Center – District Budget Impact, and Scenarios Summary, Jeanpierre passed out a handout named Campus Budget team FHDA budget scenarios for 2011-12 dated Jan. 25, 2011.

Slater and Jeanpierre both reported that even the status quo budget scenario was not good news. If these cuts took place all Community Colleges including FHDA would again be facing devastating budget reductions. They also reminded the team that projected available resources to close the deficit in FY11/12 (est. as of 9/30/10) is estimated to be approx. $16.7M. The district can draw upon this while the State budget and thereafter the FHDA budget are finalized. There are many advocacy groups working hard to find ways to mitigate as much of the proposed cuts as possible.

Slater then explained the handouts in detail, line-by-line and the additional information below was shared during the discussion.

  • Enrollment is down by about 4 % district wide. Most of the enrollment reduction is at De Anza but it is not clear what the main causes are. However, it is generally agreed that a combination of factors effected the enrollment. Such factors could be TBA hours, the restructuring of the readiness center, block scheduling, Banner problems, reputation that the district is over enrolled and students cannot get into class, early January start time. Nguyen reported that students say Banner and no printed schedule were both a problem. The schedule is available as a pdf and an online flip-book. The College is working very hard to recapture the lost enrollment. Chasing WSCH without lowering productivity is a very difficult balancing act. Enrollment figures are based on the P1 report, which is the first apportionment report. There are still the P2 and P-Final reports to come. All Districts have three years to recapture enrollment but it will be very difficult to recapture enrollment when budgets are being cuts.
  • The Budget Advocacy Action Center – District Budget Impact document reflected analysis that the CC League provided and shows FHDA scenarios 1) a $7,922,000 net reduction if the June Tax package is approved. 2) a $13,931,000 net reduction if the June tax package fails and Prop. 98 is funded at minimum 3) a $21,580,000 net reduction if the June tax package fails and Prop. 98 is suspended.
  • The Scenarios Summary document presented the most likely scenarios (state cuts $8M, $14M or $17M).
  • Scenario 1 ($8M State cut) In dollar terms, this cut equates to a workforce reduction of approx.  96 FTEF or 140 P/T faculty.
  • Scenario 2A ($14M State cut) In dollar terms, this cut equates to a workforce reduction of approx. 132 FTEF or 207 P/T faculty.
  • Scenario 2B ($17M State cut) In dollar terms, this cut equates to a workforce reduction of approx. 150 FTEF or 250 P/T faculty.
  • The scenarios are a guide to assist the district in planning how to address the proposed cuts. The next news will be in the May revise. The actual budget will not be known until after the June elections.
  • All community colleges are going through the same cuts and struggling with the same kind of scenarios.
  • Deans are working hard with the faculty and administration to try and recoup some of the FTES.
  • This might be an opportunity to look at the deliver of services and to make some efficiencies.
  • This information will go to the board on Feb. 7, 2011.

The team thanked Bernata for presenting the data and for taking the time to explain in such detail.

3) Quick News

No news was reported.

Present: Anderson, Bloom, DASB - Nguyen, Gerard, Goodwin, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Patlan, Slater. Notes: Gibson Apologies: Lee-Wheat, Michaelis, Mieso, & Schroeder could not accommodate the meeting time change.

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