Meeting Notes - April 12, 2011

1) Approve Notes from February 22, 2011

Notes were approved.

2) Budget Update

Jeanpierre reviewed the Budget Development handout from the April 4, 2011 Board of Trustees meeting. 04_04_11.pdf

“Based on the latest update from the Community College League of California, the system office and other statewide groups, the 2011-12 budget picture for community colleges continues to look bleak. We have updated the Scenarios Summary as of March 20th to reflect the latest information available. Based on this information, the student fees increase will be used to offset the total cuts to the system and workload reduction will be implemented”.

 Some of the main points of the document are: 

  • Lower than expected enrollment
  • Targeted effort to make up FTES in the next quarters
  • State is giving us a workload reduction
  • Board has asked us to present a worst-case scenario at the June 6, 2011meeting
  • Change in our full time faculty obligation (FON) number for 2011-12. The likely
    10% to 20% workload reduction will lower our by the same percentage, which translates to between approximately 47 and 94 fewer full time positions required to meet the regulation
  • 50% law where fifty percent of all Unrestricted General Fund (Fund 14) expenses must be spent on direct teaching expenses
  • $20M in workload reductions
  • $10M in FTES reductions
  • Total reduction for the district is $30M
  • De Anza’s portion is 50% or $15M
  • Student fees will be raised but these dollars will not come to the district

 A & B Budget Reduction Scenario 3 

Jeanpierre explained the handout line-by-line. This is the first draft of a working document that will start the discussions under scenario 3.  

Anderson thanked the senior staff for their hard work and diligence in working on this spreadsheet. Each division will continue to work in their PBTs to discuss their portion of the reductions. They will be discussing how to allocate the scarce resources within their areas.The Instructional division is working to evaluate options for increasing enrollment but keeping down costs.

Non instructional staff in each area:

48 Finance

87 Student Services

91 Instruction

2 President

3 Marketing

Last year, the College funded categoricals at a higher rate than the State. The Categorical programs were hit very hard last year by budget cuts but the college incorporated many of these positions under Fund 14 budget. Approx. $1M was used to backfill these positions. The funding reduction used for Scenario C is based on where Categorical employees are currently funded (Fund 14).

Student services is holding an innovation retreat on Thursday April 21, 2011

The team asked for:
  • A specific timeline

  • An instrument to collect information

Jeanpierre said she would bring the B Budget numbers to the team to review.

The next tranche of Measure C dollars will be allocated in the next few months.  

So far, no one is predicting a turn-around to the Californian budget any time soon.

3) Accreditation Update

Jenkins reported that they are working diligently on the report and that it would be ready on time.

Present: Anderson, Bloom, Cook, Gerard, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Michaelis, Mieso, Reza, Schroeder, DASB: Nguyen, Anaruth Hernandez

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