Meeting Notes - April 28, 2009

1) Approval of Notes from April 14, 2009
The notes were approved.
2) Budget Update
• May 19 Ballot Impact: The monetary impact of the ballots not passing is approx. $6 billion. The projected 09-10 cuts to FHDA if the propositions do not pass is approx. $9.3 million. The State is preparing a revised budget for presentation in the event the ballots do not pass. The May revise is now expected on May 28th rather than in June.
• Two Year Cumulative Effect: the District is projecting a possible two-year cumulative effect of between $24.2 million - $27.2 million. The District is reviewing the budget again in order to pull every dollar to the bottom line to help close the deficit.
• Support for Ballot Measures. -The California Community College Trustees and Chief Executive Officers of California Community Colleges boards voted unanimously to support the six ballot measures on the May 19 ballot. In doing so, the boards recognized that the measures are necessary to implement the eighteen-month budget adopted by the Legislature and governor in February, and necessary to avoid a possible $319 million cut to community colleges in 2009-10.
During the discussion the follow points were made:
  • Although the District’s structural deficit has risen to approx. $11 million, the district is only asking the Colleges to resolve their share of the previous figure of $6.7 million. This is because the figures are very fluid and the Colleges need a firm target for reductions.
  • The District will use float dollars to cover operational expenses
  • De Anza’s share of the $6.7 million is $2.6 million. Each VP area's PBT are working to come up with their portion of the cuts. The President has the final decision on budget reductions and is going to all the divisions and departments to talk about the specifics of the budget.
  • Governance group representatives should ensure they keep their constituent members updated with information and make sure opinions shared / votes cast are representative of their groups not just of themselves.
  • The Board asked for a plan to resolve the structural deficit by the May 20th Board meeting. These plans can be amended at a later stage as long as the budget remains balanced.
  • The deficit factor is now 1.2%
  • High productivity (10 points = $1M) , state funded growth (FHDA’s cap is 0.76%), high international student enrollment, and medical savings all contribute to closing the deficit.

3) PBT Program Review Timeline
The Instructional PBT is meeting on 4/28/09 and 4/30/09 to analyze their program reviews and engage in a detailed discussion in order to look for possible restructure, reorganization and/or reductions to present to College Council as their budget reduction plan. Members of the Campus Budget team are encouraged to participate, listen and learn.
Finance PBT have identified a portion of their reductions and are meeting on May 7th to complete the task.
Student Services PBT have identified their reductions.

4) Burning Issues
  • Eric Skinner reported that authority was given for a 90-day carry-over of 2008-09 EOPS, CARE, DSPS, Matriculation and BFAP-Student Financial Assistance Administration funds. Such funds usually have to be spent by year end.
  • Request to report on fund 15 accounts
  • Board members receive full medical benefits and a minimal stipend. Is this standard practice? Check with HR directly.
  • Gilbane is a contracted service company and their staff do not get paid by FHDA.
  • Bond legal claims are settled from bond money. District (HR, general liability, trip/fall, contract review, etc) claims are settled from general funds.
Present: Argyriou, Bloom, Gerard, Hearn, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Larson, Lee Klawender, Sellitti, Slater. Notes: Gibson.
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