Meeting Notes - May 31, 2016

Meeting Notes - April 26, 2016

The notes were approved.

Shared Governance Reflection Questions

The College Planning Committee requested each governance group answer questions as a part of the shared governance reflection process. The team collaborated on answering the questions and posted the answers directly to the site.

Budget Update - May Revise Information

Cheu attended the ACBO conference and shared a key points document from the League with the group.

The May Revise is little changed form expectations.

COLA is now at zero

Access is the new name for Growth and as FHDA is in stability mode we are not eligible for additional funding. 

Mandated Claims is one-time money. 

Workforce is supported by the Board of Governors so will likely remain. 

The Senate and House will review the May revise and give their comments to the Governor on June 15th for his final decision.

 The 3rd quarter report is due in June and will be presented at the June Campus Budget meeting.

Accreditation Work

Cheu met with the Business Services area to discuss answering the districtwide questions. The answers to these districtwide questions can be used for both Foothill and De Anza's self study.

Technology Committee Update

The technology committee are reviewing and revising the technology plan for accreditation.

The communications department is still working on the redesign of college web site.

 Quick News

Mayra Cruz is the out-going Academic Senate president and this maybe her last meeting. The team recognized the excellent leadership Mayra Cruz provided as a co-chair on the committee and thanked her for her dedicated service to the committee. Cheu also thanked her for her assistance in helping her transition as the VP Finance position.


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