Meeting Notes - April 26, 2016

The team welcomed the new DASB Finance Committee members Jennifer and Keerthana.

 Meeting Notes - February 23, 2016

The notes were approved.

It was noted that Office 365 users should not use the "save as” feature as the document is updated in real time. There is a built-in version control.

DA Facilities/Equipment Maintenance Fund (Fund 400) Update 

Cheu shared an updated list of projects to be funded by the Facilities/Equipment Maintenance Fund. The additional expenses of $185k for the Capital Project fund were approved.

FY15-16 3rd Quarter De Anza College Financials 

Cheu presented the 3rd quarter report for De Anza College. She stated that she would submit the quarterly reports to Campus Budget for review. Cheu reviewed the spreadsheet line-by-line explaining the numbers in detail. The Mandated cost reimbursement of $358,347 is not firm and may have to be returned. ACCJC costs are for the accreditation costs such as mid-term submissions, membership fees, site visits, etc. It was decided that instead of having a one-off cost of approx. $60k every six-years the college would set aside approx. $10k per year. Communications are doing a web site redesign project, which has impacted their budget.
Finance may also be overspent by year end as there have been a lot of swing space and remodel costs from the recent department moves and the library work.
The total for the year minus the Mandated cost reimbursement of $358,347 is $751,464.

District Mission Statement

DRAFT: The mission of the Foothill–De Anza Community College District is student success. Driven by an equity agenda and guided by core values of excellence, inclusion, and sustainability; every member of our district contributes to a dynamic learning environment that fosters student engagement, equal opportunity, and innovation in meeting the various educational and career goals of our diverse students. We are committed to providing an accessible, quality undergraduate education dedicated to developing a broadly educated and socially responsible community that supports an equitable and just future for California/all/society.

With the approval of the baccalaureate degree pilot program at Community Colleges (In January 2015 the 13-member California Community Colleges Board of Governors in consultation with representatives from the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems approved a new limited baccalaureate degree pilot program) the Chancellor’s Cabinet is driving the revision of the district mission statement. Cruz noted that the document is still being reviewed and is sharing this draft and requesting feedback from the shared governance groups. Give feedback to Mayra Cruz. 

Chancellor's Advisory Committee Reports

Board Policy 3510 – workforce violence. The policy would require employees report any incidence of violence on campus toward any individual. The new policy should be implemented by June 2016. The Administrative Procedures will also be revised.
The equal opportunity final draft is being reviewed and should be approved in May 2016 for submission to the State. It will be used as a guide for the College's equity plan.
In summer the following change to the job application prompt to the Diversity Statement will change to. “Explain how your life experiences, studies or work have influenced our commitment to equality and inclusion”.
Official transcripts will no longer be required until a job offer is pending.
Foothill College Sunnyvale Educational Center is expected to be complete in Fall 2016. The classes held there are in collaboration with Mission College district. Some of the classes already scheduled to be held there are: Family Engagement Institute, Non-credit programs (ESL, Math readiness, etc.), and the Middlefield campus programs.

Continue Work on Accreditation - Standard 3.D (Planning and Fiscal Responsibility and Stability) - Resources.

Accreditation review. Cheu & Cruz reviewed the purpose and background of Accreditation and shared samples of the document, timeline and standards for the incoming DASB members.

Cruz noted that College Council presented a Certificate of Thanks for "Phenomenal Participation" to Campus Budget Team in recognition of the amount of work the team has done on Accreditation so far.

DASB Finance Chair Jennifer
DASB Finance Co-Chair Keerthana
Notes: Gibson
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