Meeting Notes - June 14, 2011

Jeanpierre welcomed the team to the last meeting of AY10-11. She thanked them for the fine work they had done during the year.

1) Approve the Notes from May 24, 2011 Meeting.

The notes were approved.

2) Budget Update 2011/12 - May Revise Projections

Jeanpierre distributed a handout named 2011/12 Tentative Budget – Draft 5/19/11 and Analysis of FTES.

Analysis of FTES: The focus for the college is on regaining the lost 1629 FTES. This is approximately equivalent to 5% drop in enrollment and a reduction of $7.6 million in revenue. FHDA earns approx. $4500 per FTES per quarter.De Anza needs to regain the FTES to ensure it does not reduce our base apportionment.

2011/12 Tentative Budget – Draft 5/19/11: Jeanpierre explained the spreadsheet line by line. Enrollment management is key for maximizing FTES. It takes judgment and experience to make informed decisions about classes. The college is suspending drop for non-payment for Summer and looking at options for Fall. It is a balancing act as A&R report that students hold seats in multiple classes if they do not have to pay and then drop the ones they do not want after the quarter starts. This blocks other students from getting into classes.

Faculty Obligation Number (FON) is driven by enrollment. 64 positions @ $30k is the difference between FT and PT faculty salary.

De Anza's carry forward will be higher as the college has done a good job at reducing expenses.

3) Accreditation Update - Review the Draft of the 2011 Self-Study

The draft self study is on the web site at The draft 2011 self study will go to the Board on June 20,2011. The final draft will go to the Board on July 11, 2011.

4) Quick News

The students voted for three separate fee increases this year. A $3 DASB fee increase starting summer 2011; a $5 FT student $4 PT student Ecopass fee, and a $1.50 increase in the Campus Center Fee. The Ecopass and Campus Center fee will both be effective in Fall 2011, conditional on FHDA Board approval.

There is a joint PBT meeting today at 3:30pm. They will Identify Core Students/Services, discuss concerns about Budget Reductions, discuss program viability, & future PBT meeting dates.

Present: Anderson, Bloom, Gerard, Goodwin, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Lee-Wheat, Michaelis, Mieso, Patlan, Schroeder. Notes: Gibson.

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