Meeting Notes - June 14, 2016

Meeting Notes from May 31, 2016

The notes were approved.

District 3rd Quarter Financial Update

Cheu shared the district 3rd quarter financials with the team and highlighted some points including:

Projections for the year show the district is down 261 FTES, which equals approx. $1.26M.

Since 2019-10 the district has lost approx. $10M in apportionment due to declining enrollment.

Cheu would ask the district if there would be any restitution to B budgets to cover the costs of reclassification of staff. 

There are quite a few unfilled classified positions, which resulted in additional FLOAT.

Capital Project Fund 400 Update

Cheu reviewed the new projects and the balance for the Capital Project Fund. The team approved the updates.

Quick News

The team, again, thanked Mayra Cruz for her tenure and welcomed Randy Bryant as the incoming Academic Senate President and the co-chair for the 2016-17 Campus Budget team.


Notes: Gibson
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