Meeting Notes - October 9, 2012

1) Welcome & Introductions

Chow welcomed the members to the first meeting of the academic year. The team introduced themselves.

2) Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles, Activities & Training of Campus Budget Team Members

Chow reviewed the Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles, Activities & Training of Campus Budget Team Members.

3) Approve Notes from June 12, 2012

The notes were approved.

4) Opening Day Budget Presentations:

McElroy and Jeanpierre's Opening Day budget presentations are located at these links:

The team reviewed the budget figures for De Anza. The FHDA 2012-13 adopted budget is based on 'worst-case' scenario numbers (if Prop 30 fails). After November 6th, if Prop 30 passes the district will adjust the revenue and part-time faculty allocations accordingly. Enrollment will play a large part in the discussion as it affects revenue.

Budget Update:

Slater shared some additional details on the budget and terms used.

Workload reduction means a reduction to the district's FTES number. It is also referred to as being funded at less than cap. In 2009-10 the district had approx. 3.4% workload reduction. In 2011-12 it was approx. 7.7%. In 2012-13 it is projected to be approx. 7.3% using the present enrollment data.

Approx. $7.6M reduction in Categorical funding was never backfilled.

Tuition is State mandated. Santa Monica CCD tried to raise the cost of tuition for some core courses but the State disallowed the proposal.

The Student Success Task Force recommendations do not come with any funding to support the mandated activities.

The 50% law refers to having to spend 50% of funding in direct teaching expenses (teaching faculty). Non-teaching faculty, counselors, division assistants, student services staff in departments such as admissions, testing, tutorial, staff in labs, library, custodial, grounds, facilities, ETS, HR, accounting staffing expenses, etc. cannot be more than 50% of the total district budget.

5) Enrollment Update

Enrollment is down districtwide. As of today De Anza is down approx. 2% and F/H is down approx. 7%. If the district cannot recapture the enrollment, it stands to loose roughly the same amount in apportionment as if Prop 30 did not pass. In essence, it would be as if the district made it's own work load reduction. Due to the complexities of the funding if Prop 30 fails and FHDA does not recapture enrollment the district will not face double the amount of monetary reductions.

 6) PBT Updates

FERPBT: the team are working on budget reductions for their area. They will base their recommendations on program review data. The team will meet to make their final recommendations on October 19th, ready to present to College Council on October 25th.

IPBT: the team are working on budget reductions for their area. Their recommendations are data driven. The team are reviewing the material for rankings and eliminations. The team will make the final decisions for recommendations at the October 23rd meeting, ready to present to College Council on October 25th. Bryant stated that if the college has to make these proposed cuts, "this will not be the college that you knew." He also stated that De Anza has a "truly remarkable shared governance process" and that it is by far the best model he has come across.

SSPBT: the team are working on budget reductions for their area. The team will have their recommendations ready to present to College Council on October 25th.

The recommendations from each PBT will go to College Council on October 25, 2012. The president will present the college wide proposal to the Chancellors staff on October 26, 2012.

7) Measure C FF&E Phase II Requests

Jeanpierre is meeting with each division to explain the procedures for ordering eligible items approved from the prioritization work performed earlier in the year.

8) Quick News

Chow and the members thanked the DASB for their thoughtful and generous funding of such departments as tutoring and DASB student accounts.

Groups such as DASB and FA can take a public position on ballot measures and are putting a lot of effort into voter registration and support of Prop 30.

Present: Bryant Chow Gerard Jenkins Mieso Slater Watson Shahar (DASB). Notes: GIbson. Apologies: Jeanpierre.

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