Meeting Notes - October 25, 2011

1) Approve Notes from October 11, 2011

Notes were approved with two minor corrections

2) Budget Update & Reductions Scenarios





Jeanpierre handed out four documents showing the campuswide and three PBT scenarios. She noted it was fortunate the district had the reserves to review options and to make thoughtful decisions. The reserves also allow the college the time to build teams and work with our colleagues to come up with informed decisions.

Jeanpierre noted that this is a worst-case scenario projection as there was not as much revenue as previously projected at the State level.

Unfortunately, there are no more cuts that can be made at the district level as this funding is for district-based overheads such as utilities, insurances, etc.

IPBT Update

Chow updated the group on the work at the IPBT. She explained the concept of rebuilding the budget using the Spring 2011 budget reduction plans as a base, to meet the fiscal targets for 2012-2013 year. IPBT teams were created in order to restudy the Spring 2011 plans and make suggestions. The IPBT noted that they would not necessarily be recommending reducing evenly across all divisions/programs but it could be from only one specific program or one area. The IPBT was calling this project the Instructional Program Viability & Discontinuance Procedure. The IPBT reduction plans are online at the IPBT web site. The IPBT are also working on prioritizing some open faculty positions.

Jeanpierre noted that there are appox. 20 positions open at De Anza of which 7 were already approved last year. 13 positions are being prioritized. The college needs to maintain the faculty obligation number (FON) to stay in compliance with the State.

SSPBT Update

Patlan explained that the SSPBT were in the process of doing reductions. They are using current program review data to evaluate where possible budget reductions might be made. Each area will present their recommendations starting at tomorrow’s SSPBT meeting. The team were focusing on how cuts would impact students.


Jeanpierre advised the team the FERPBT are meeting on Friday. They will talk about reduction scenarios.

There would be a joint PBT scheduled to discuss each area’s reduction plans at a later date.

3) Budget Reduction Timeline & Measure C FF&E Requests

Jeanpierre talked about both timelines. The team were concerned about the short deadline of the Measure C FF&E requests. Jeanpierre would take this concern to the Deans. She would get the Dean’s input and would advise if the deadline could be extended.

The Measure C FF&E dollars are to cover the 11-12; 12-13 & 13-14 years.

Jeanpierre noted that there was a 2011 -12 planning agenda DA Budget development eHandbook in the works and that the college has a draft eGovernance handbook. The College Planning Team is also working on a calendar.

4) Quick News

Charles Stevens (DASB) is going to a Statewide Student Success Task Force conference on November 4, 5, 6th. Reduced funding of students and reduced access would be major talking points. He was interested in stats from the colleges and would build collaboration with other colleges and districts. He stated his biggest concern is the non-repeatable of classes. Chow advised that if students see any potential impact it should be brought to the Task Force’s attention. Chow gave Stevens a website to get more information and noted that was a lot of misconceptions regarding the Student Success Task Force. She also told Stevens that Rich Hansen would go to DASB to talk to them. Hansen is a member of the Student Success Task Force.

DASB has finalized its budget for this fiscal year. So far they have allocated approx. $1.3M. The DASB raised fees last year. The DASB were looking at funding the Tutorial Center which had a Title III grant that is expiring.

There were approx. 5000 EcoPasses distributed.

Rob Mieso reported that his high school partners program is taking place this week. There will be 45 schools and partners attending. The program updates the participants on the programs and services that De Anza provide. He invited the team to stop by and hello.

At the last discussion of The Thin Book Of Naming Elephants there was a good balance of faculty, staff and administrators. The next meeting is on Nov 1st.


ANAPSI grant extension. 5 year grant to serve underrepresented Asian Americans. The previous grant was only 3 years. Jim Nguyen is the new director and would like to participate on the steering committee.

CompTechS Program. The program takes donations of computers that are refurbished by students. Students can apply for these computers through Financial Aid. The Board typically gives the old “refresh: computers to the program.

Present: Bloom, Chow, Gerard, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Mieso, Michaelis, Patlan, Pablo Zamorano (DASB), Charles Stevens (DASB). Notes: Gibson

Visitors: Wanda Lee, Raul Rodriguez (ACCJC), Adam O’Connor (ACCJC)

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