Meeting Notes - December 1, 2015

Approval of Notes from October 6, 2015

The notes were approved.

Capital Project Fund 2015-16 (Fund 400)

Cheu provided background and history of the Capital Project Fund for minor routine maintenance of facilities which are not covered through general fund monies or the State. The State provides scheduled maintenance funding for major maintenance but not for minor routine projects which puts pressure on the General Fund.

A couple years ago, De Anza made a choice to set aside monies in the Capital Project Fund to cover facility costs (tree removal, safety repairs, project planning, etc.). Cheu compared income funding ($2.28M) against proposed expenses for a balance totaling $1.6M. Existing projects include Parking Lot E landscaping, Lot F repaving and configuration, PE Bleachers, LCW elevator safety, and A Quad planning. The Campus Facilities Team approved the budget. The remaining balance would be kept for future projects. All future project requests being funded with Capital Project Fund would be reviewed by the Campus Facilities committee.

College Council approved the Capital Project Fund of $1.6M and allocated 50% for reserves and remaining 50% for small capital projects, in addition to the creation of a process for identifying small projects under $10K.

Cheu shared an updated expense slide as of 11/13/15.

Student Equity Plan Presentation 2015-16
Student Equity Plan Goals & Achievements 2015-16

Rowena Tomaneng (AVP Instruction) and Rob Mieso (AVP Student Services) briefly presented the Student Equity Plan.  The focus on the specific target groups is based on recent data. This data reflects the students who have the highest achievement gaps. All the members of Campus Budget had already seen the presentation at other governance committee meetings. Rowena added that additional feedback from DASB would be added to the report prior to presentation to the Board in December 2015.

 Accreditation Self Study - Areas of Responsibility

Reminder that Fall 2016 is the self-study year and 2017 is the Accreditation visit. After the 2017 visit, the Accreditation cycle will be a seven years instead of the current six years. The CPC College Planning Committee is overseeing the process and will be working with the governance groups on their areas of responsibility. The intent is that most of the work on the Accreditation self-study will be done with in the governance groups.

Governance e-Handbook Review 

The committee reviewed the information and did not make any changes.

Quick News

Technology Task Force is changing its name to Technology Committee and also making changes to participation. Cheu would be the FCO rep on this committee.

Green Business is a program run by the City of Cupertino. The college is participating in this program through the Sustainability Committee. Auto tech and Kirsch have already been certified. The College is working toward a campuswide certification.
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