Nominations Open for 2021-2022 Classified Senate!

Nominate Yourself or Colleagues Here!
Nominations open until May 10, 2021 @8:00am

About Our Elections

Each spring, a Classified Senate Nomination and Election committee is formed by direction of the outgoing Classified Senate President to elect Executive Council members and Senators in sections where a senate term has expired. 

Classified Professionals: Please consider serving on this vital shared governance committee. Current senators will be recruiting nominees for open positions. We need you!


Please consider nominating your fellow classified staff for a position as a member of the Executive Council or as a Senator.


  • Once nominated and confirmed as a candidate for a position, our elections will open.
  • Election to a Classified Senate office shall be by simple majority of the votes cast.
  • If no candidate receives a simple majority of the votes cast, a special election shall be held to decide between the two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes for that office.
  • Announcement of the election results will be made within two (2) working days of the election closing.
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