General Meeting Information

Date: October 22, 2019
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Location: ADM 106

  • Agenda

    Time Agenda Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:00 Welcome Activity I/D King
    2:05 Approval of Agenda & Minutes I/D/A King
    2:10 Standing Committee & Shared Governance Reports
    • Second Tuesday: IPBT, SSPBT, Board Meeting
    • Fourth Tuesday: Technology, ETAC, DASB
    I/D All
    2:20 President Search Committee – Process of Selection and Nominations
    Review the process the Executive Council used to select candidates for the President Search Committee, answer any questions and confirm nominations.
    I/D/A King
    2:45 Facilities Master Plan Update I Gray
    2:55 Student Support Fund I/D King
    3:10 2019-2020 Budget Approval I/A Olsen
    3:20 Good of the Order I/D King
    3:25 Picture
    Picture time! We will go outside and get a current picture of this year’s Classified Senate for our website.

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes [DRAFT]


    Members Present: Heidi King (president elect), Victoria Kahler (secretary), Scott Olsen (treasurer), Alex Harrell (communications officer), Laura Hiler (sec. 1), Dana Kennedy (sec. 4), Lorna Maynard (sec. 6), Sofia Abad (sec. 7), Jenny Vela (sec. 9), Wil Byars (sec. 10), Keri Kirkpatrick (sec. 11), Yali Zhu (sec. 12), Ola Sabawi (sec. 13), Sonia Yu (DASB rep.)

    Guests: Tracy Chung-Tabangcura (PD comm.), Claudia Guzman (PD comm.), Angelica Esquivel (VIDA/HEFAS), Adriana Garcia (PD comm.), Pam Grey (acting VP of Administrative Services), Lorrie Ranck (acting VP of Instruction), Kathy Munson (EOM) 

    Meeting Items

    Approval of Agenda and Minutes

    King noted that in the 10/8 minutes Stephanie Serna had shown interest in the District-wide Academic Calendar Task Force but has since removed her name; instead, Veronica Aparicio from Admissions and Records will represent classified.

    Reminder: all staff should complete mascot survey that was emailed out.

    Olsen moved, Harrell seconded to approve the 10/8 meeting notes with a correction: Deborah Taylor’s name is spelled with an “h.” Notes were then approved by consensus.

    Olsen moved, Maynard seconded to approve 10/22 agenda. Agenda was approved by consensus.

    Standing Committees & Shared Governance Reports 
    • Kirkpatrick reported that SSPBT discussed Counseling’s Starfish Early Alert System going away. The two classified positions, as well as one faculty, from that program will become a task force for students on probation.
    • Harrell attended Educational Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC) and Tech Task Force meetings, the latter of which will begin a 3-year technology plan for the college.
    • Yu attended the DASB meeting that addressed changing DASB bylaws and elected delegates for the Presidential Search Committee as well as the Guided Pathways Core Team.
    • King attended a board meeting that addressed the ongoing discussion about the closure of the Flint Center building and what might replace it.
    • Guzman reminded staff about conference funding for 2019-20 and offered help in filling out the application. King noted that the Classified Leadership Institute is held annually at the end of the school year and registration opens in November; Chung-Tabangcura requested a 4CS’s website link on our CS webpages.

    President Search Committee—Process of Selection and Nominations

    De Anza College Presidential Search Committee needs 5 classified representatives. King noted that the current CS bylaws are vague about how delegates to such a committee should be selected, and there is a need for an ad hoc committee to be formed soon for any upcoming similar searches. King shared the process for this particular current committee, including the guidelines provided by the Chancellor’s office.

    Maynard moved, Harrell seconded to confirm these staff to the committee:

    • Melissa Aguilar
    • Tony Santa Ana
    • Deborah Taylor
    • Erika Flores
    • Sushini Chand

    Voting: All in favor, no oppositions, no abstentions – PASSED

    Reminder: all classified staff still have the opportunity to participate on the focus group for the presidential search. The focus group meets on November 15 from 9 to 11 am. Interested staff should email King will be nominated all those who were not selected for the selection committee. The next CS meeting on 11/12 will have time allotted so that we can all share thoughts/perspectives on the presidential search.

    Good of the Order

    Zhu announced that she is moving to a position at Foothill, therefore leaving section 12 (Campus Center) vacant.

    Guzman announced that a schedule of professional development opportunities from the Office of PD will be emailed out soon.

    Facilities Master Plan Update

    Pam Grey presented information about an update to the 5-year Facilities Master Plan that began in 2015, noting the major changes being discussed about Flint Center. For those who want to follow this topic, she said to look for Community Benefit Initiative (CBI) in Board Meeting Minutes for future updates.

    Student Support Fund

    King explained that many options have been discussed for supporting students with a percentage of CS voluntary dues, including food, gas, book vouchers; scholarships; and support of food pantry. She will send out a survey via email soon to narrow/choose from the options. 

    2019-2020 Classified Senate Budget

    Olsen presented the current budget spreadsheet, highlighting the allotment for Employee of the Month (EOM) of $900. Munson, the chair of the EOM committee. was present to explain the budget need for upcoming events. In addition, she asked for nominations.

    Reminder: Voluntary dues can be a monthly payroll deduction or a one-time donation.

    Maynard moved, Hiler seconded to approve the budget. Voting: All in favor, no oppositions, no abstentions – PASSED

    Olsen also pointed out a budget concern wherein Holy Canoli, the last EOM event caterer, has requested a reissue of a lost check. Olsen added that with a book of checks missing, there is a $35 fee to cancel said checks.

    Maynard moved, Byars seconded to approve the $35 expenditure. Voting: All in favor, no oppositions, no abstentions – PASSED

    Meeting adjourned at 3:28 pm

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