General Meeting Information

Date: June 9, 2020
Time: 2:00

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:00-2:10 Welcome and Introductions I/D All
    2:10-2:15 Approval of Minutes & Agenda I/D/A All
    2:15-2:40 Resolution in Support of BLM and our African American Colleagues and Students I/D/A King

    Final Review: Annual Governance Survey

    I/D King

    Standing updates



    Updates from DASB and SVIG


    Kolar & Chung-Tabangcura


    Classified Senate Voting Update



    Good of the Order & Adjourn



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes [DRAFT]

    De Anza College Classified Senate Meeting Notes

    June 9, 2020, 2:00-3:30 pm via Zoom

    Members Present: Heidi King (president elect), Victoria Kahler (secretary), Alex Harrell (communications officer), Scott Olsen (treasurer), Laura Hiler (sec. 1), Dana Kennedy (sec. 4), Lorna Maynard (sec. 6), Sofia Abad (sec. 7), Jenny Vela (sec. 9), Wil Byars (sec. 10), Keri Kirkpatrick (sec. 11), Dennis Shannakian (sec. 12), Ola Sabawi (sec. 13)

    Guests: Max Meyberg (20-21 Student Trustee), Moaty Fayek, Tracy Chung-Tabangcura (Elections, Professional Development, and Student Voices in Shared Governance Committees), Chanel Huynh, Vins Chacko, Marilyn Booye (SSPBT), Claudia Guzman (Professional Development committee), Genevieve Kolar (19-20 Student Trustee and Student Voices in Governance (SVIG) Committee), Phong Lam

    Welcome & Introductions

    Approval of Agenda and Minutes

    Maynard moved, Olsen seconded to approve the 6/9 agenda with a correction to a spelling typo to Chung-Tabangcura’s name.  Approved by use of the Zoom poll feature.

    Resolution in Support of BLM and our African American Colleagues and Students

    King shared a draft of a Classified Senate resolution with actionable items. Those present provide input in a discussion. King said she will share the revised draft to solicit feedback, pass along to our black colleagues and BFSA after the meeting, giving opportunity and time for feedback from them. Then, she will email the next draft to the CS listserv in anticipation of a vote at our last CS meeting at the end of June. If passed, we will begin implementation this summer as we plan for ClassiFridays and conduct our Leadership Retreat.

    Final Review: Annual Governance Survey

    King shared a near-final draft of the response to the Annual Governance Survey and asks that revision suggestions be emailed to her.

    Standing Updates

    King attended the recent Board meeting where they discussed speculation about budget, enrollment, as well as questions about returning to college campus, in particularly for high-stakes testing for some programs.

    Maynard attended IPBT. Deans are sharing their presentations for allocation funding.

    Booye said SSPBT meeting last week was cancelled.

    Olsen has been attending Academic Senate, where they gave kudos to King and Guzman as classified staff who were integral to the transition to remote learning and services. In addition, AS voted to not send representatives to IPBT in dissatisfaction with the process.

    Harrell said the recent Tech Committee meeting was cancelled.

    Updates from DASB and SVIG

    Kolar introduced the newly elected Student Trustee, Max Meyberg.

    Kolar explained that due to the college being exempt from the local minimum wage, student employees were being paid less than minimum-wage employees in the area. The Board recently passed a resolution to keep up with local minimum wages.

    Kolar spoke about the Campus Facilities Team, which needs classified professional representation.   In addition, the need remains for student and classified voices regarding campus changes, like the Flint Center replacement.

    Classified Senate Voting Update

    Chung-Tabangcura reminded everyone that the voting forms went out via email.

    King said voting concludes 6/12, and the prize drawings and ice cream social that traditionally follow will continue virtually. In the election, some seats did not have nominees running, so appointees will be needed to fill positions.

    Good of the Order

    King said we will need to plan Leadership Retreat soon, especially to determine 20-21 workshops. Also, we will discuss how to use remaining 19-20 CS funds, perhaps for laptops. Maynard pointed out that for those who represent on IPBT meetings, laptops are essential, as those are working meetings. Guzman asked about licenses for Strength Finder training.

    Adjourned at 3:21 pm

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