General Meeting Information

Date: October 26, 2021
Time: 2:00

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
     2:00 Welcome and Introductions I/D All
     2:10 Approval of Minutes/Agenda I/D/A King
     2:15 Remote Work Policy - Discuss document drafts (linked below)
    Please review the drafts below if you have not already done so.
    I/D King
     2:30 Student Support Fund - brainstorm ideas for how to spend last year's Student Support Fund dollars. Please note it is the procedure of Classified Senate to not vote on items the first time they are discussed/presented when possible. We will discuss ideas, then vote at our next meeting so you have time to talk to constituents in your areas. I/D Chung-Tabangcura
     2:45 SharePoint Review - we will review our Classified Senate Sharepoint site and conduct a mini-training on the Shared Governance report-out section.  I/D  King
    2:55 Needs & Confirmations - Review committee needs, confirm new Shared Governance committee members. Discuss goals for Professional Development Standing Committee. I/D/A Seale/King

    Shared Governance Standing Updates - DASG, IPBT, SSPBT, Chancellor's Advisory Council, etc.



    Good of the Order





    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes [DRAFT]

    Called to order: 2:05


    Heidi King, Sarah Wallace, Tracy Chung Tabangcura, Alex Harrell, Bidya Subedi, Chanel Huynh, Chrissy Parker, Vins Chacko,  David Kobata, Keri Kirkpatrick, Lisa Kirk, Maria Hernandez, Sasha Bostick, Scott Olsen (guest), Susan Ho (guest), Lisa Ly (guest)

    Meeting Items

    Welcome and Introductions

     Approval of Agenda and Minutes

    Minutes from Oct 12:
    Add "Garcia" to Adriana
    Motion: Keri Kirkpatrick 
    Seconded: Alex Harrell 

    Motion: Sarah Wallace 
    Seconded: Chrissy Parker 

    Remote Work Policy 

    • Word doc with remote work suitability score
      • Does the score matter or is it just informational?
      • What happens if the supervisor and employee get different scores
    • What happens if the employee doesn't agree with the supervisor's decision about the employee's request?
      • Is there an appeal process or anything for if they don't agree on the decision?
    • This policy was looked at with ACE, their input on the supervisor declining the request is that the supervisor should be required to provide rational and an explanation. Should have to provide evidence of why remote work isn't suitable for them
      • They should have to provide a list of needs/areas for improvement  to allow them to work remotely down the line
    • Can the policy include that ACE can be consulted in the process. It is not always obvious for new employees or workers that have no knowledge of the power/benefit of a union, thus making it more explicit is good
    • Question about Eligibility
      • Requirements state that for an employee to be eligible, they must have received a satisfactory eval within the last 12 months, but not all supervisors are doing evaluations
        • Survey of attendees (19) regarding performance reviews/evaluations
          • 5 (of 19) have had an evaluation in last 12 months
          • 0 in last 2 years
          • 2 in last 3 years
          • 3in last 5 years.
          • 6 haven't had one since originally hired
          • 1 hasn't ever had one
        • How can they have a requirement about performance if there haven't been evaluations conducted?
        • Something should be added to the document that evaluations can't be used as a determining factor if they haven't been conducted
      • The document contains a training requirement
    • In the doc, it says that Evaluation of remote work agreement will occur 6 months after it has begun, but it isn't clear what that evaluation is or what it will be based on.  What will this evaluation be?
    • What happens at the end of the pilot? What determines if it will become permanent, what factors go into the decision? Is it all or nothing, or will it be for certain areas based on whether or not they can work remotely?
    • High-speed Internet access is required to work remotely.
      • Equipment for remote work is the employee's responsibility according to the policy
        • There is a one monitor per employee policy – This is a problem, and an equity issue
        • Employees should be set up for success, this includes being able to work functionally at home and at the office
      • As an ETS employee who has a cell phone for work, I receive a cell phone stipend... something like an "high speed internet" stipend would be helpful
    • This remot work policy also seems to only affect or be pointed at Classified... doesn't seem like faculty or administrators would have to be put through this ringer
      • There is also a discussion happening on the faculty side, but it won't be framed as a remote work policy
        • Will be about who teaches online versus who teaches in person and how it is determined
    • Please email Sarah Wallace with any other thoughts or questions regarding the remote work policy 

    Student Support Fund

    • B budget update
      • $7k/year
      • Can use it for professional development
    • US Bank account
      • Voluntary membership dues, people who contribute via payroll deduction
      • Balance is 11,327.95
    • Student success fund
      • Have around $1000 between what rolled over last year and what we have this year
        • In the past we have purchased Target giftcards, meal vouchers, etc
        • These are distributed to student services areas for them to give out to students if they are in need
      • $299 accrued for July, August, Sept
        • Can decide what we spend this on
        • Might have around $200 from 2019-2020, and $200 for 2020-2021 – each quarter(?)
    • Will continue this conversation next meeting to discuss the areas that we want to give resources to
      • Suggestions in the chat: CalWORKs students, Foster youth program  

    Standing updates and SharePoint Review 

    We are using SharePoint to record report-outs and notes from committee meetings

    To access SharePoint:

    • find SharePoint on the left side menu
    • Look for Classified Senate 2021-2022
    • Home tab
    • Shared governance report outs

    Board of Trustees – Tracy

    • Full notes are on Sharepoint
    • Redistricting was a big topic
    • Return to campus and remote work will 

    Needs & Confirmations

    • SSPBT, IPBT, Campus facilities are the committees with open spaces and needs
    • Confirm - Jayme Brown for SSPBT
      • Alex Harrell motion
      • Dana Kennedy second
      • Passes
    • Professional Development
      • Faculty has a series where they meet with new employees monthly
      • Classified PD committee could possibly do something like that as their charter
        • Not necessarily an all-day meeting how faculty is, but something to look into
      • Potential PD
        • PGA and information about things we may forget about
          • sabbatical /time off
        • Technically related job skills
          • On ways to set up various things that are available (shared files with co-worker so they can all be in one place)
          • Technology trainer is one position that hasn't been filled since it was cut with budget cuts
          • Might be able to do something with this through Classified Senate
            • Can also call in microsoft to conduct trainings
        • Training regarding requisitions, facilities requests, contracts with vendors
        • Training regarding Empowering soft skills
          • How to speak up in a meeting when you're uncomfortable
          • How to advocate for yourself (and classified professionals) in a room when you're the only classified person
      • Wiki-style knowledge-share spot? Utilize SharePoint to make an employee manual or help guide?
      • PD committee will consist of Claudia and another senate rep or at-large member
        • In the past, is generally co-chairs and 4-6 other people
        • The other co-chair alongside Claudia might come from a more equity focused area
      • Executive committee will work on developing a charter to be reviewed and discussed at the next meeting. Followed by outreach to fill the committee
      • Professional development committee could also start with a survey to determine what PD needs there are

    Shared Governance Standing Updates 

    • Can be found on Sharepoint

    Good of the Order 


    • If inclined, the CCCCO is looking for feedback from classified professionals via a 14-minute survey - Classified Professionals' Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Professional Development Needs Assessment
    • Will be attending state-wide classified senate meeting


    • Nov 3rd, Office Hours with a CFP from 4-5pm
    • Check your paystubs to make sure reclassification has been processed and is reflected.


    • One book, one college event  


    • Football plays Foothill Saturday at 1:00

    Official Meeting Adjourns

    Adjourned: 3:30 pm

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