Meeting Notes 
January 29, 2015
3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Attending: Bryant, Cheu, Cook, Cruz, Espinosa-Pieb, Kandula, Malakiman, Markus, Maynard, Murphy, Neal, Shannakian, Spatafore, Suarez, Tomaneng, Trosper, Newell

Minutes of June 26, 2014 & October 2, 2014

College Council approved the meeting minutes of June 26, 2014 and October 2, 2014.

State Equity Plan

The planning process for Student Equity Plan began a year ago, chaired by Neal and Newell. The plan was approved by shared governance groups followed by the Board of Trustees on December 8, 2014. The plan can be referenced on the Equity website. Tomaneng highlighted each of the student equity indicators: Access, Course/Degree Completion for ESL and Basic Skills, Degree & Certificate Completion, Transfer and expected outcomes. The funding model involves the Campus Budget Team approving allocations to the IPBT and SSPBT for 2014/2015 with annual reviews and transparency.

Following the overview, a discussion followed regarding expected outcomes and timeframes. Where will we be in 1- 2- or 3 years? What will student success, persistence and completion look like? What are the “high impact indicators?” We will need to define data and achievement gaps and track how well we’re doing. The student is not the problem. How do we adjust and how do we meet the needs of students? We often operate in the culture of a deficit model. It is the work of the Equity Action Committee to identify benchmarks and provide public information. There is a need to identify institutional barriers, problematic areas, review and affirm past practices.

Murphy invited college council members to participate in forming an equity subcommittee. This committee will reflect on how well college council is doing with regards to equity and best practices. Members of this committee include Anita Kandula-Muthyala, Brian Murphy and Veronica Neal. Neal has agreed to create some exercises for the subcommittee.

Campus Equity Report

Newell reviewed the campus equity surveys for employees and students. The survey provided information on a wide range of indicators regarding campus climate as well as new demographic categories such as: caregiver status, religion and sexual orientation. Detailed survey results can be found on the research website.

Discussion followed on improving response rates and how to address what it’s telling us. How to capture more student responses from marginalized populations. Perhaps addressing focus groups with more volunteers. Survey design to modify the survey and make it shorter.

Educational Master Plan Taskforce Proposal

The Educational Master Plan is being updated this year and the taskforce work is underway. Minutes and materials are being posted following meetings every 2 weeks; Tuesdays from 2-4 pm. Interested parties should contact Newell or Cruz. The plan is based upon an equity framework. The Educational Master Plan Taskforce is a subcommittee of College Council. Feedback and approval will be shared in May.

Special College Council

A special college council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 3 at 1:30 pm to provide input to the search firm for the Chancellor’s position. This meeting will be followed by an open forum for the entire campus.

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