Meeting Notes

February 13, 2014
Admin #109, 3:00 – 4:30 pm

Attending: Bryant, Cruz, Espinosa-Pieb, Fayek, Glapion, Jeanpierre, Markus, Murphy, Pacho, Reza, Rowe, Seyvani

Introduction of new members for 2013-14

Vanessa Smith, Communications Associate and Lisa Markus, Mathematics faculty representing FA were introduced to the College Council.

Approval of October 10, 2013 and November 14, 2013 Minutes

The minutes of October 10 and November 14 were approved, as amended.

Budget Update

Jeanpierre provided a budget update emphasizing factors contributing to an $8 million shortfall for the next fiscal year including the $3M original adopted budget shortfall, COLA payments ($2M) and weak P1 enrollment ($1.7M), in addition to ongoing expenses. The district and college have stability funds which will enable De Anza to weather another year and a half. If we can recover lost enrollment, we will recover lost revenues. The focus this year will be on retention.

Finance & Educational Resources updates: meeting with Deans on Priority 1 Measure C lists, bookstore collaboration to encourage faculty to get textbook orders in on time (only 40% received to date), and copyright issues/protection.

Newell is working on a differential enrollment analysis to include where our soft spots are (zip codes, demographics, retention rates, increasing transportation costs). She will present findings to college council, to be shared with constituencies, and returned to this body for approval.

IPBT Faculty Ranking

Bryant and Espinosa-Pieb presented the IBPT Faculty Ranking Proposal for review by college council. There are currently 10 positions (including 3 previously approved) and hopefully 11 or 12 in anticipation of pending retirements/ unsuccessful searches. College Council approved the proposal.

Espinosa-Pieb reviewed the IBPT process for the final outcome in identifying the positions including faculty ranking timelines, written justification, and hiring data/ranking. The process is completely transparent. Discussion ensued regarding the process and Reza pointed out the inadequacy of training and coaching for department chairs. What can we offer so the chairs are better equipped?

Accreditation Updates

Murphy provided updates from the ACCJC regarding our midterm report and responses to recommendation #1, the Mission Statement. We have addressed the Mission Statement and the Task Force is redefining this recommendation. The work of the task force will be brought to the College Council, to be shared with shared governance constituencies and returned to college council for approval.

Open Items, Quick News & Updates

. Bryant: Successful Auto Tech Open House BBQ

. Spatafore: announced the February 19 Day of Remembrance event at the CHC and the significant donation on behalf of Audrey Edna Butcher.

. Fayek reported that one of our accounting students received the California CPA Scholarship award.

. DASB Updates: Stowe reported the DASB reduction for the Honors Program. Pacho announced the collaboration with the bookstore to increase purchasing power of students, 10% discount for late adoptions and assistance to financial aid students during weeks 1 and 2 of the quarter. February 25 Inequality for All event from 1:30-4:30 pm.

. Glapion shared the challenging work of the 3SP task force and upcoming deadlines.

. Reza reported on the Partners in Learning Conference in March, 4 ACE classes scheduled for summer, and AB1456

. Cruz mentioned the review of AA certificates for transfer and workshops/support being offered to department chairs (akin to Reza’s comments on “2nd year experience”).

The Academic Senate has launched the GE 2014 Review work. Ram Subramaniam and Danielle Von Matt are the Co-Chairs. 

CDE is collaborating with FIRST 5 of Santa Clara County, the Santa Clara Department of Children and Families & Department of Mental Health, Head Start of Santa Clara and other partners to offer the Circle of Care courses. Participants will be offered 3-1 unit Child Development courses focused on training early educators and providers to have the skills to work with children and families in the foster care system. The training will take place in the Spring 2014.

The A.S.-T in Early Education is being offered by the CDE Department. Individual sessions are held with students interested in the degree.

. Woo reported on the successful APASA scholarship luncheon where Evan Low was the master of ceremony; he is running for State Assembly.

. Murphy reported on upcoming Viet Nam and Taiwan summer programs, in addition to the Mexican Consul General’s office proposal regarding a Mexico exchange program. De Anza College will soon have a dual designation, as one of a Hispanic serving institution.

. UCSC and Cal State East Bay are aggressively seeking DAC transfers in light of SJSU impacted enrollment. UCSC will be providing resources to DAC for a regional partnership.

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