Meeting Notes

October 10, 2013

Admin #109, 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Attending: Bdzil, Bryant, Cook, Cruz, Espinosa-Pieb, Fayek, Glapion, Jeanpierre, Murphy, Newell, Norte, Pacho, Rowe, Seyvani, Shivley, Spatafore, Tomaneng


Newly-elected members of College Council for 2013-14 introduced themselves.

Approval of June 27, 2013 Minutes

Barring no objections, the minutes of June 27, 2013 were adopted by College Council.

Enrollment/Budget Update

Jeanpierre distributed a budget handout illustrating the 2013-14 Adopted Budget from the August 26, 2013 Board meeting. She clarified current income vs. current expenses for 13-14, in addition to describing in detail, components of the June 30, 2013 ending balance. An analysis of FTES was included illustrating the importance of enrollment and how it affects state apportionment. She pointed out this is a budget and is constantly changing.

Espinosa-Pieb reported on enrollment and the reopening of the ATC (our largest instructional building) in Winter. Additional rooms will be available in the middle of the day, when students are here. We are looking forward to positive numbers in FTES as a result.

Mission Statement Review Process

Murphy reported on the college’s mission statement and the ACCJC recommendation to provide further clarification on the students we serve. As a result, Newell conducted a review of mission statements from 112 community colleges, while Spatafore researched historical information. Murphy is requesting a working group of college council members to take on the mission statement and come back with recommendations to the college council meeting on December 12.

Planning Calendar

One of the duties assigned to the College Planning Committee, is to create, update, and publish an annual planning calendar. Newell distributed a draft calendar with proposed dates and placeholders for items we do on annual basis. The calendar is open for feedback/changes and can be found on the IR home page.

Planning Agendas assigned to College Council

Newell referenced 64 planning agendas assigned to college council. She has developed a template to track the agendas with completion dates and evidence by Year 6 of the planning cycle. Many of the agendas are ongoing and continuous while others have deficits or need work and improvement. This information can be found on the planning homepage.

Open Items, Quick News & Updates

. Norte reported on the positive and well-attended National Coming Out Day.

. Congratulations everyone for a successful Club Day.

. Bryant reported on the possibility of changing “the quilt” from a 5-year annual program review process to a 4-year cycle to allow for a one-year period of reflection.

. Bdzil commented on the decline in classified senate participation, senator vacancies and new members. Work is being done on a planning agenda: interest, focus, communication, safety, and staff development to increase morale.

. Scheduling an interactive Town Hall to focus on civility, relationships with each other, and being supportive.

. Rowe reported on the Seesaw Leadership Conference for California community college students that we are sending ten students to. Rowe will be serving as the General Assembly representative Nov 1-3 in addition to the Marketing Chair. She reported on the DASB support for passing of AB1358 which is a bill that gives the option of increasing student representation fees from $1 to $2. DASB opposed AB 955 which was signed today but is going to the appeals office.

 Thursday, October 17, a “Talking Green” event is scheduled to get suggestions on building awareness and making the campus more eco-friendly.

. Seyvani reported on DASB and shared governance attendance.

. Public Policy School is a collaboration between ICCE and Political Science in planning events this Fall. Today’s event included Assemblymember Paul Fong, Mayor Evan Low, both graduates of De Anza College. In Winter, ten De Anza students will join students of Maricopa Community College to travel to Washington, DC.

. Fayek reported on enrollment for Business/CIS and is anticipating a stronger Spring vs. Winter quarter. He is encouraging deans to aggressively pursue enrollment by offering more sections and finding faculty.

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