Draft Meeting Notes 

February 9, 2017

3:00 - 4:15 pm

Present:  Cheu, Cruz, Espinosa-Pieb, Grey, Hunter, Joseph, Lara, Murphy, Norte, Nguyen, Ranck, Rigsby, Spatafore, Varela

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of January 19, 2017 were approved.

Finance Updates – B Budget Update

Cheu presented a PowerPoint reflecting a summary of the FY15/16 close and the impact the standardization plan has had on the bottom line. She also presented the plan for the FY16/17 budget, which included additional dollar allocations for various line items and the addition of one new custodial position. Our custodial staff lost seven positions during the last downturn, while the campus buildings and space have increased.  It was emphasized that the money we are spending is from one-time funds for ongoing expenses. We are balancing the benefit of taking care of current needs with potentially needing funds in the future. Cheu summarized the rationale for approving additional requests.

Cheu also outlined the Fund 400 Capital project funding of $436,000 for regularly scheduled maintenance items. (The removal of the Oak Tree and Dived Tower were not funded). The Fund 400 will cover these types of expenses and funds can be moved, if needed.

If we proceed with this forecast, it is estimated that we will be okay for the next three years.

College Council approved the B budget updates as proposed.

Continuing Conversations about our Students

Murphy provided a brief update of campus events in relation to DACA and other students.

The revitalization of the Muslim Student Association was discussed in addition to the recent La Voz cover and article, β€œDe Anza stands in Solidarity.”

During these stressful times, Norte and Subramaniam noted the importance of self care and provided two websites:



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